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I did not know that Palette was sock yarn! Well, I'll sure keep that in mind! After I've knitted wonderful yarn I've just received today ;-)


Oh, I know, knit picks do have some amazingly coloured yarns at such low prices. I do not know how they do that!


As you know I am now a massive convert to this yarn - I AM going to buy every colour going!! It is my mission to! IMUSTHAVEIT!!!!


I also, like Maryse, never thought of making socks with it - they tote it as such a great yarn for colorwork, so I didn't think much of it. Looks like I will have to check it out! (I am learning so much from these posts today!!)


Always a joy to find new yarns...particularly ones that are reasonably priced :)

I can see why you love Malabrigo :)



If you want yarn envy of the Knit picks variety, check this out!


hi andi~

so good to know as i just received their catalog~



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