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i'm gonna try my best to stop thinking about how "man parts" could ruin washcloths. but you put the puzzle in my head. :o(


funny, funny stuff! man parts...*LOL*

thanks for the laugh~


the link above is to one of my favorite soups, quick, easy & yummy





don't we all think that...just the thought that maybe it could have come in the vicinity...did you make him a blue one for his... own
that soup looks absolutely delllissshhh...love soup, can't wait for the weather to turn so I can start making it more often...my favourite is green pea. but I buy that in cans.
have a good week sweetie


I can't say I blame your sister for wanting new face cloths. She might have to hide them better though.


I love pumpkin soup. I'm using Acorn squash for it. Your soup sounds delicious, I'm like you, always adding something, or leaving something out.
Those face cloths are lovely.


Love the washcloth pattern. I veered off my knitting course this past weekend and pull out my crochet hook....I might have to look at your pattern :). Now I want to check out your soup recipe, thanks for the link.


Love the washcloth pattern. I veered off my knitting course this past weekend and pull out my crochet hook....I might have to look at your pattern :). Now I want to check out your soup recipe, thanks for the link.


I would like to know the pattern on the picture that was posted. It looks very attractive. I would like to try it.


I love soup. I love lentil soup, but as I am the only one in the house who likes lentils, I've never actually made any. *sigh* For comfort I do love potato soup. I just wing it with some spuds and broth and whatever else I've got. Yams, or carrots, or leeks are nice in it, too. Mash it up when it's cooked, add milk and seasoning. Sometimes it's good with coconut milk instead, and a bit of curry powder


Oh dear...... are your sister's husbands "man parts" that bad?! Maybe you could crochet him a couple of man part sized washcloths so that he has some of his very own?

I have a big ol' soup recipe book here at home with me - I'll hunt out some for ya!

Cheers also for the link - you didn't have to do that but thank you so much anyway - I truly appreciate that - very kind indeed!

Now I need to go and take my mind out of the gutter and away from thinking about man parts...........


Those washcloths are lovely! I just added them to my Rav queue. Thanks for the inspiration.

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