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What combination of socks à la carte are you knitting Andi? I have the book too, but haven't been able to find a satisfactory combo for the moment (I don't like that red yarn they used for the pics....It doesn't show the stitch pattern nicely I think...) Your pink yarn is lovely!


Absolutely loving the pink! I really wish my LYS sold more bright colors.


Thanks for catching me up on such happy and beautiful goings-on.


Love the colors of both. Still struggling along with my on needle projects. Just a bit bored with sleeves. I will cast on a new pair of socks any day now.


Which amazing yarns like those, I totally believe that they jumped on the needles practically by themselves. A boring weekend every once in a while can be great. Have a great week!

Mr. Puffy

Love the shawl you have started! Wonderful soft gray color ~ Thanks for sharing the links, I never cease to be amazed at how many beautiful blogs there are!


Any weekend is good if you can knit! Always something pretty on your needles!


what have you started there?? i love it already! i need some needles like yours (where projects jump on themselves). hee hee.
thank you for the links (and the kind words.)


Always so beautiful! Can't believe I'm so late in my blog reading! Happy Easter I guess ;-)

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