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Such a pretty yarn and such a pretty pattern!


I can certainly tell from the photos that you put a lot of love and time into this project. That's why it took so long, it had to be perfect! The colors are just fantastic! I think that you could certainly wear this shawl as a scarf, it would look great.


Hi Andi, Love your latest shawl. It is over the top, so beautiful. Now I couldn't finish in a week. I will only let myself work on one project at a time. Have a wonderful weekend. Cathy
enjoyed the video


Ooh pretty! The colours are devine and the stich pattern is lovely. Great video too... wow that lady must have speny her entire life so far just knitting on shawls :)

Love To Crochet

Your shawl is beautiful. Sometime I myself find projects that seem never ending...but when finished, kinda neat. Just beautiful.


Your shawl is gorgeous...and I love the yarn!

I have a never ending project, Lady Kina, which I'm knitting for my Mum. It's a simple pattern, but I'm using cotton, and it's making my hands hurt. You've given me inspiration now to just take the bit between my teeth and get it off the needles :)


I am loving that shawl of yours. I love any yarn that looks like tarnished copper. There is just something about those green-blues.

And thanks for sharing the video too! I have been stumped on how to wear lace and not look silly. Of course I gave away most of my lace because of that, but now I have a reason to knit more!

Chantal Boucher

I like shawl that can be worn like scarf too. This one is magnifique!


gorgeous! even though the yarn seems somewhat variegated it's behaving well enough that it shows beautifully!

btw the yarn is almost luminescent. i had to look up the yarn because i thought there might be some tencel or silk.


another beautiful shawl from you!! the lace is amazing. congrats. thanks for the video...I needed the help!


It's really lovely - beautiful yarn too!


It's a gorgeous shawl - so much so that I want to knit one too now! I also love the colour. It's so pretty...

Kate Barker

oh andi, i love it!!! beautiful pattern meets with beautiful yarn!
i like the idea of shawls, but have never worn one~ i have been looking at patterns a bit more seriously~

hope you had a wonderful weekend~




Gorgeous! I'm not a shawl wearer either. I've been pushing it with scarves! lol but if I made something as pretty as this I'd have to show it off. :)


This is beautiful! I love the oceanic colors. You will look fabulous in this shawl come winter.

I actually wore a shawl I made this weekend! I was super excited and may even wear it over a dress to work tomorrow.


Lovely shawl. I am also amazed why some things take so long when truly they should just fly off the needles.


This is the second project I've seen with this colorway and it has amazing depth. I wear most of my shawls as scarves too, which i think is one reason I like the rectangular ones more. Thanks for all the cool shawl links!


I don't know ... your Arroyo looks like it would take me ages to knit and finish!! It's beautiful.

Mr. Puffy

Just beautiful! I love the shape and your yarn choice was perfect ~ PS you read totally different blogs than me (except Monika) so it's a treat to follow your links :)



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