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Maura van der Linden

I'm grateful for my family, even in the midst of chaos or frustration.


Hi there! I'm grateful for the people I've met through blogging. I'm a little sad that I came to it so late, as it seems some very interesting people have moved on to Facebook/twitter/ravelry, but I like the intimacy that has developed between myself and some bloggy friends. And I've been introduced to amazing Generosity through the same folks. Thank you for the opportunity.


I was on call last week and something went wrong almost every single day. So I was INCREDIBLY grateful to hand off my duties to someone else this morning.

Crochet with Raymond

lovely! I would love to win the pattern, that is really sweet of you to be paying it forward.
I am absolutely grateful for finding the joys of spinning, knitting and hooking, god knows what I would do with myself if I didn't!


Oh my, that IS a beautiful shawl, the colors that the knitter picked out look amazing (wait, is this one you knitted, or are you in the process of knitting one?). I'm definitely grateful that all of my family and friends back home in Kansas were not too badly affected by the huge storms that hit this weekend.


What a great way to help. I am grateful for renewed health in my family.


I am grateful for my family and friends - including you! Thanks for the opportunity and for helping others with such class!


Altho today kicked my a** at work....I am grateful that I have a job....and that it is one that I usually love!


Today I am immensely grateful that my son has begun to make progress and building a useful life. When he just turned five I was told he would never read and would basically do nothing much. My son can read. He has an apprenticeship as a chef. He tries so hard and works to do what comes easily to others. But today was wonderful. He had a day off, he drove his new car we bought yesterday (it is a little backwards and a long story) and we had a lovely lunch. He came home with me and spent some time with his sisters before going to his home to get ready for work tomorrow.


I am grateful today because my Beautifu Daughter has entered a half way house and I feel confident she is going to beat her addiction this time.

Debbie H

Today I'm grateful to my kitty - Twinkles. He always knows when I need cheering up by giving lots of loves! Debbie H gussek on Ravelry

Andrea W.

Soooo grateful.... Past year...reoccurance of breast cancer, double mastectomy, double breast reconstruction, stroke, PFO: hole repaired in my heart and total knee replacement. Phew! Sooo grateful to have all my faculties and am still able to knit. (My first love!)


I'm so grateful for many things, but especially for my husband and my family, who make me feel loved every day.


What a wonderful idea. I am very grateful for my family and getting to look into my grandson's face every day.


did you make this andi? it's just lovely. i love your paying it forward and i'm really grateful for everyone that does. xxx


I am so grateful for my husband and our new babe (born April 11). My husband is so good to me and is a good person in general; I really found my soulmate in him. We celebrate one year of marriage tomorrow, the 20th. I am so blessed to have him as a partner and as a father to our new little son, who is just a joy to have! I'm such a lucky girl to have a wonderful little (and growing) family!


I am grateful for the use of my hands. It sounds silly but let me explain. Arthritis effects most people in my family - even I have it in my shoulders, knees and ankles which makes some tasks rather difficult at times... but it's not in my hands. Sure a lot of things hurt but I can forget anything if I can sit and craft for a while - it lifts my spirit and makes me calm and brings me comfort while I'm knitting or crocheting... when I'm done, my projects comfort others. I can even be thankful for the arthritis because it affords me the time to sit and create but mostly, I'm thankful for the pain-free use of my hands.


I'm grateful to find so beautiful blogs like yours all over the world.


I am grateful to have made some of the best friends through Ravelry and Flickr. Friends are so wonderful, especially when you have knitting and crochet in common.

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