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Monday's already half over here ;) I love your socks, especially the orange/pink ones...one of my favourite colour combos.


As always, beautiful socks! I like both colorways; very springy and fun. Thank you for the Faux Cable Socks linky, maybe this will be my first patterned sock? Hmm...

The mac and cheese looks and sounds delicious!! It is totally grown up :)

And I always dread Sunday nights too. It means time is passing waaay too quickly. What helps me ease into Monday is setting a goal to start the week well and on a good note. Clean slate style.

I hope you have a Happy Monday and a nice night of knitting :)


Monday's pretty much over here. Love the colors in both socks. They're so bright and pretty. Good luck with reducing the WIP pile:-)


I actually like the cabled socks with the striped pattern. I think that the color doesn't overwhelm the pattern.
And good luck getting your WIP down to five. I'm glad you still like me even though having more than three makes me nervous.


Love your socks Andi! They look like candy to me!
And your Mac and Cheese looks delicious! My favorite comfort food might be soft boiled eggs or pasta with grated parmesan cheese. Simple yet delicious!


I'm also well into Monday here - it's funny because I always feel that I'm living in the future when I talk to you with you being the 7 or 8 hours behind me. Does this make me a time traveller of sorts perhaps?!! Lovely socks as always and even lovelier food! Yummy yummy!


gosh, your sock yarn is sweet like candy! and i kinda want to eat the photo of your dinner.


Normally I would faint at the thought of having that many WIPs, but I'm also currently seriously guilty in that respect. Together we will knit away until we take control of our WIP piles again! Also, you appear to be completely addicted to knitting socks right now, and with yarn like that I cannot blame you! Lovely.


Sounds like we both had a lovely weekend (which was, as always, too short!). Your socks remind me of sherbet ... I just want to eat them.


You make me wish I didn't dislike making socks...


That recipe looks so yummy!!


I really like those socks, sorry about the striping! I think the cables are simple enough that it doesn't matter too much anyways.
Hmmmm comfort food.... I'd have to say Mac and Cheese the way my mom makes it, or lasagna :)


My two comfort foods are macaroni and tomatoes (from my dad's side) and ramen noodles with egg and kimchi (from my mom's side). Yum!


Your socks are always so amazing. Both yarn choices are so pretty. Nothing like comfy foods, I have so many! Believe me when you get my age, talk about time going fast! Hope you have a good week. Like you said at least you have a job. Hope all is well with you!


yum!!!! for both the socks & the goodness in the bowl~ you're so color coordinated (did i spell that right?) lol

your knitting always looks so neat~ mine...not so much


have a great week!



Love the bright colours you're working with at the moment! p.s. I love that Maroon 5 song. One of my faves. x


I finally figured out how to add your blog to the list of blogs I follow! Gees, I do feel old and lost. There is a lot of things that I still need to learn to do with my blog but I am learning all by myself, nobody around here to teach me. Love your posts dear! Keep up all the good work. I love when you share wonderful finds, new sites, movies, books, etc. Hugs for you!!


The socks are such pretty spring colours :)


The colors in those socks are so springy! Beautiful! Do you wear knitted socks every day Andi? ;-) Oh, I know what you mean about already being Sunday night. I've been traveling for work last weekend and this weekend. So, right now I so feel like it's Saturday night but it's not :( But today, while working in my backyard, I decided I deserve a week of vacation this May. I'm gonna schedule it tomorrow! That Greek macaroni looks so delicious...


I am really loving the colors of both those yarns, you have a great eye. This is my first time popping 'round this blog but I suspect I'll be back. Keep up the good work!

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