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Bethany Hill

Very pretty projects Andi! And the colors make me smile...like orange sherbet. :)


I'm in love with your Wholehearted Shawl ... perfect color that shows up the stitch pattern beautifully. So, 9 WIPs, huh? Wow, I thought my two were over the top! LOL. And I can see that I'm not the only one with shawl-on-the-brain. xo


as always...beautiful! and the links....oh those links make me want to start more projects, but i too, promised myself NO NEW PROJECTS until i finish what i have started!
have a great week my friend~




wow that was fast! when the page loaded up i thought the shawl looked like Wholehearted but i "knew" there was no way you would have finished already lol.

and the socks look great. i know the striping was bothering you but the yarn and pattern aren't fighting at all. btw these two projects have me reconsidering the orange-pink-yellow shades. i've never been a fan but these are just gorgeous!


Thanks for the great shout-out!


oh, your shawl is so sweet and lovely. and those cables on your socks...ah!

your yarn is sweet like candy.


I can't believe you with nine projects. I will only limit myself to one project at a time. The socks and shawl, the yummy colors are so refreshing. Love all the temptations!
Have a wonderful week!


thanks for the compliment sweetie, but compared to the others...it's pretty lame...love all the stops this week...now I have to refrain from casting on all of them....still trying to get through the stripey one I have going...never knitted from a chart before...I know, I know...pathetic!!!
have a good week my love....


Two lovely FOs! They both look fantastic, Andi! Especially your Wholehearted Shawl, isn't it such a quick, fun knit? Stay strong! You can conquer your WIPs, you have already taken a huge step in the right direction.


Nice finished projects. We always stick to our favourite colours don't we!


OK, looks like my comments got lost ;-( What was I saying! Oh, that you are so talented that you can have 9 WIPs! It's always so exciting to come and read your blog and see all your FOs! Your shawl is beautiful! Love the color! I notice that orange is very in style this spring! Have a great week! I'll be back for the eye candies!


I love your Wholehearted! I'm trying to finish up some WIPs because 1) I have too many and 2) some are so ridiculously close to done, it isn't funny.


It's amazing how all the Wholehearteds look different depending on their colour! Thanks for the lovely mention. Looking forward to seeing more of your WIPs coming off the needles! If it's of any comfort, my knitting chair currently looks like an archeological dig of WIPs...


Andi, your shawl is a dream! Great execution, my friend. Please post as many pictures as your blog can take. We will never get tried of drooling over your projects and yarns.
;-) Have a wonderful week!


I love your color cravings right now - so happy and light. Your shawl and socks are really pretty... oh, be proud - I'm making some mini-socks for a quidditch challenge. They won't be as awesome as yours but they'll be socks all the same.


Everytime I see a shawl on a blog lately it makes me want to knit one more and more. That is such a pretty shawl and color, and it's pretty cute how it matches the socks!


Beautiful colors....they are almost exact :). Love the lace wrap. Another to-do on my list is tackle some lace...someady.


I don't suppose you've had a hankering for Creamsicles too. I quite like that color as late. It just feels so summery.


Those colors are gorgeous! Sweet orange and pink together are so fresh and lovely! Perfect for spring!
Thank you for the lovely mention Andi!


I would love to know where you sell these:) I love them all!!! You do a wonderful job. Beautiful work.


Beautiful links! Thank you for posting them, you temptress, you.

Crochet with Raymond

gorgoues Andi! I am such a slack KALer, since I came away on training I haven't knitted a stitch! Love the way the broken rib looks in the slightly variegated colour.
And your indie-dyed yarns, SWOON!!!

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