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Thanks for the mention my friend! I'm in such a great company - love all these projects. Thanks for sharing!


Yes. Emotionally detached frogging frees up the needles and lightens the heart. It isn't worth the angst of completing a project that just isn't working out. Plus you have the added bonus of re-organizing your needles!

Your simple skyp's are tempting me to cast on. They look so refreshing in that colorway. Stay cool in this heat!!!

katie metzroth

Bazinga! love it!
Your skyp socks are very pretty. They make me think of spring.


Aaagh, you've caused me to add TWO sock patterns to my favourties! Here I am avoiding sock patterns because I really only have time/brain capacity for vanilla and I'm being sideswiped!
But, so pretty.....


You always provide such eye candy. Stripey socks delight me for some reason. I have been able to get over frogging. It occurred when I frogged a completed sweater I had worn a few times. Didn't love it, so to the pond it went.


I am in love with both pairs of socks you are making, the striped ones are a great color and the green ones are a good pattern. Happy friday :)


Such lovely socks, as always! My favorite pair is definitely the first pair though, they are so bright and fun! Sorry to hear that computer problems have been getting you down, at least it gave you time to sort out your WIPs.


That striping yarn really knits up well. I've also been trying to work on my WIPs and it does feel really good.


mmm...i love those stripe-y socks! you're making me want to cast on. and, as always, i love your link list. such happy, inspiring projects!


Great to see you back here, Andi! Love your stripey socks and I agree that frogging languishing wips should instill zero guilt!


And now I have to add Skyp to my never ending queue.

And thanks for agreeing with me about my socks. I was just so happy with how they striped.


love your socks ~ nothing better and more satisfying than whipping off a pair of simple vanillas! And the simple skyp socks are just the pattern I was looking for, for some yarn I picked up. happy knitting!


yay for stripey! great colors. and skyp is looking fab - just enough to make the knitting interesting. i'm loving all the colors coming from your projects lately :)


Thanks for the mention of the Skyp socks - I have decided to pluck up the courage to do more patterned socks - they look like just the sort of thing to do while Skyping! Hehe.

LOVE the self-striping socks - my sons said they looked very Dr Seuss-like.


Frogging without guilt is the only way to make happy knits. :) Lovely socks. STR is so squishy.


Lovely new socks on the needles! We do spend a lot of time on-line but it's a great source of inspiration! Happy Sunday!


I've been wondering where you were. Mystery solved! I'm glad you're back online. Your socks look gorgeous (as always!). I especially like the self-striping ones.

Thanks for the link love, friend!

Also, I know you're a shawl lover, so you may like this one: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/aranami-shawl. I just found it yesterday and think I need to order yarn so I can make one pronto.

Have a great week!


sometimes being disconnected is just the thing. your socks are amazing!


You pick real cool yarn. What company/dyer are they from?
I love, love those yellow socks your friend has made.
I don't think guilt should hit you in any way when frogging WIPs. The yarn and project weren't meant to be and the yarn is just destines for something else, something betta. Good for you on cleaning house.
Are you on Goodreads? I just joined Memorial Day weekend. I'm Kepanie over there as well. Trying to read more. Nice to see what others are and get recs.


Oh and pls check out my Thursday post when you can, Andi :O). Sunshine is coming your way.


Ever since I've become a reader, I've envied your yarn color choices. The Simple Skyps are looking great.


I finally got the nerve to frog a sweater that I knit for myself~ it went from a sweater that was too small (shoulda taken better measurements :{ ) to a sweet little sweater & hat for the grandkidlet!
the socks & yarn choice as always, are amazing! a basic sock is so much more interesting to knit when using strippy yarn~
have a great week my friend~




I'm going to finish a pair of skyp socks before the end of the year! I love every version of yours that I've seen. And I would name the first pair, Gryffindor Monkeys.

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