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all this talk about sock scraps got me thinking about my sock scraps. i put a bunch together earlier this year and then promptly...did nothing! here's the pic http://www.flickr.com/photos/savannahchik/6409323659

btw one of the things i love about your projects is that you really run the gamut of colors - especially for socks. i'm trying to take your lead and branch out a bit more.


That sock blanket is going to be amazing... then again, I have such a soft spot for grannys.


I love all those. My last bunch of sock yarn scraps, I gave to a friend who made yarmulkes. I think a square blanket of funky socks are in order. Your blanket is going to be fantastic. What a great reminder of knitting past.


Scraps. The problem EVERY knitter has!


hi andi!

i love love love the mismatched socks! and all the links....*sigh*

thanks for stopping by~ nothing would please me more than to have you sit on my porch & knit!

hope you had a great weekend~




Cool, I can't wait to see your granny squares come to life.

hope you have a great week!


Someone knits more socks than you? Hard to believe. Every time she blinks she must have a new pair.


It is so lovely to be able to use up scraps, and be reminded of what you did with it originally. A true trip down memory lane.


oh, great! i'm working on granny squares with my sock yarn scraps too. it's mostly fun, but also tedious. and, really, it'll get done when it gets done. :o)


Such sweet like granny squares! If you think that my blanket it pretty, well I would argue that yours is even more wonderful so far. I also love seeing pictures of that shawl, it is one of the best combinations of yarn to pattern I have ever seen! I hope you have a great week Andi!


What I do with my scrap yarn? I keep them, and that's all! I'm looking for the perfect way to use them.
Thank you for all the links!
And your granny squares are adorable! I might copy you!


All four of those colors look so well together! As for scraps, the grand plan it to knit a pair of striped socks with all my sock yarn scraps someday. Although I have a few balls that are enough for another pair by them selves :/


I can't wait to see how your grannies are put together. What a clever idea!


Great projects. I have a scrappy sock yarn blanket on the go that I also think is going to take forever. And I'm making one of the linen stitch scarves for Joe.

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