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I'll forgive you if you do cast on for something new. Those skeins all look delightful.


Great yarns! I was looking at the sweets in the LadyBug fibre photo and noticed they were called Smarties. We have Smarties over here in the UK but they are a totally different type of sweet - they are a bit like M&M's in that they have a crispy outside with chocolate in the middle but are flatter than M&M's and are all brightly coloured. I'll have to send you some so you can see for yourself!


ooooo I looooovve the watermelon!! (I like the other ones too!)


Gorgeous skeins. I love self-striping too. It makes me want to knit faster to see how it evolves.


You deserve the best yarn...and it looks like you got it. So happy for you! Thanks for sharing the indie love. I'm in a very strict yarn diet but am doing what I can for now: taking notes of these wonderful finds. The diet will have to end sometime. Hope that you have a wonderful almost Friday. xoxo


So many amazing indie dyers and I want to buy from each and every one of them! Thanks for the reminder! I have a difficult time buying yarn online because I like to be able to get a good look at the color and squeeze and closely examine the yarn before I buy. Someday maybe I'll take a leap and give it a try.


I want it all, right now! Those colors are amazing and you have such a good eye for finding great shops. I can't wait to see the socks you make!


The stripey yarn is so yummy...looks like candy. Those will be such fun summer colors for socks. Can't wait to see what you knit up with all of that scrumptious yarn!


... trying to breathe deeply... wow, what gorgeous yarns. Amazing how just a picture can make you catch your breath! I love those Phydeaux ones. There are some amazing people out there.
Must finish this sweater before I plunge into more yarn-buying activities!


Beautiful, beautiful yarn!!


So, when I first started reading your post, I thought to myself, "make a note about Mocha Creme Camel," and then "Oh, make another note about Green Teal Golden Amber," and then ... you get the picture. Thank you, Andi, for once again being my enabler!! xo


OMGoodness! Such delicious yarn!
I know Brenda some; she is such a sweetie and a creative designer and dyer.

Mr. Puffy

That mocha cream caramel is to die for! I'm going to shoot for October as my first self-striping sock adventure ~ thanks to you!


I am definitely browsing those shops now...


You've got some Melon d'eau! I have to have some! First time I went to Biscotte, it was out of stock. Next time, I bought it and offered it to a friend. Now you have some! Yes, Biscotte is a big fan of HP! Your Mocha Creme Camel is also awesome! What a tempting post! ;-)


Lovely!! Those colours are gorgeous! I really want to buy some self-striping yarn but it's hard to come buy in NZ (or else very expensive). I think I will have to have a bit of etsy fun!


Believe she designed that last color just for you. Have a wonderful weekend.


yarn heaven! how do you handle all of that beauty? i'm off to check out the shops. i'd love to make some zigzag socks from self-striping yarn. :)


Yarn Heaven! This makes me want to go back to my crochet that has been left aside. Beautiful yarn and colors.

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