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you are such a sweetie andi, i can certainly see why someone would send you such nice presents~
i can't wait to see what goodness you make of that beautiful yarn!




Wow! That is a great 'tea' parcel...love the pot and cup too :)


I love the knitting community. I have met so many generous and amazing people just because I knit. It think it's amazing to have someone to send you goodies. Do you ever send her anything?


Oh wow--that teapot is too cute, and the M&Ms are pretty cool too!


Wow! Andi lucky girl! As said Katie, I completely understand that one would want to spoil you! You are such a nice girl!


What a fantastic gift to arrive. Your friend is generous and super talented. (That teapot is tremendously charming!)


How exciting! Just like an early Christmas! You've got lots of pretty yarn to play with. That shawl you've started is gorgeous! I can't wait to see more.


Oh wow! She is above and beyond awesome! The tea pot is simply adorable! I'm also fascinated by the "Builders" brand tea. I feel that it has to be funny whether you are from the US or the UK, but who knows. That shawl is looking like another beauty! I love that shade of rich purple.


Oh wow. What an awesome friend.
Does the cup say "Tea With The Queen"?


Lucky you! What a gorgeous fushia! Love the teapot.


Wow, what a great gift! The teapot is super cute.


Oh my--what a lucky girl you are! Can you see how green my face is with envy? Enjoy your lovely gifts.


What a great bundle of goodies! Have fun knitting and drinking tea from "The Queen" cup. You are indeed royalty to many of us!


What a special friend! And I love the color of your current project. I can't wait to hear more about what you have on the needles.


Ooh that shawl looks beautiful. Love that colour. And you're so lucky with those gifts! I've been looking at your last post too, and those yarns quite take my breath away - seriously, I hyperventilate, reading those posts where you show your beautiful purchases! And so it's all down to you that I've been spending hours looking online for new yarns to buy... that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it ;)
Jane x


A very dear friend indeed :)
The yarn looks super soft.. it is beautiful.


ooh there's that purple you've been teasing me about!

love the merino silk yarn and 100% alpaca laceweight will be a dream to wear!


oh my gosh andi, i don't know where to look first, there is so much to take in here (be envious of) on your blog. love your gift, what a sweetheart of a friend (but you are one too) and all your yarn. OMG. i am on a strict budget at the moment and so will have to live vicariously (enviously) through you. beautiful beautiful wools.

Annie @ knitsofacto

That really is the perfect gift for a tea drinking knitter. What a very special friend she is :D

As Dona says, knitter's are a naturally generous bunch.


wow what a good friend, love the tea pot and that tea sounds delish for sure.... beautiful yarn


What a great friend!! I love that teapot....

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