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So many lovely links! I adore the purple from Dragonsock...luscious. Now I'm off to watch the video (love finding new music to listen too) and then check out those links! Have a beautiful week Andi!!


The purple is such a rich beautiful colour. I'm also loving the twist and twine. I've seen shawls that transition from light to dark in a similar colour family. Might also be a fun effect in a cardi.


If for some reason you were to quit knitting, I call dibs on the Nightwalker... and Heroine. So pretty!


Camilla's yarn is so beautiful. I have a skein here that I *think* may become a Citron. I admit to petting my yarn a bit yesterday making plans. And I can totally appreciate needing needles and coming home with yarn :)


whoa, this yarn is dangerous! so lovely.


Such fab yarns and the colours! Being unsure what to knit with a yarn is never a good reason for not buying


I want to go sit in the woods and bang the drums and run in the flowers and screech...and... and have a picnic and cuddle yarn 'til it cain't stand it no more.....
I like it now!!!!!(but not the snakey bit!!:{)


Love the new yarns!


I just want to sit and stare at this post all day. There are so many pretty yarns showcased here! My two favorites are the last skein on the first photo (pink and orange!) and the Dragonfly fibers skein. I'm very excited to see how these all knit up. I see some amazing new socks in your future. Also, thank you so much for featuring my poor little sweater, you are just too sweet!


I sooo want to buy yarn right now.. :P love the yarns!

Annie @ knitsofacto

A positive link fest ... but I only have eyes for your yarn! It's so unfair that ordering stuff from the US means paying silly import duty here in the UK.


Such beautiful yarns!!! I can't wait to see what you knit them into :)


OMGosh! Kick-tush yarn you added to your stash! Love, love the first pic of colourways.


Andi, thank you so much for your kind words...off to check out the other shops their yarns look delish!...Have fun creating :)


Oh my goodness--but I want to come and cuddle your yarns! I am extremely jealous...but will love seeing what you create with them. I am off to check out your shopping links-I think following your blog might be bad for my checking account. :)


Andy, if you ever need storage for such candy...please send them my way! You truly have a great eye for yarn. And I admire how you support small businesses. You are not only a kind soul but also very talented!


That yarn is just so pretty! You picked well. All those oranges and pinks go really well together. I hope you find the perfect pattern to show them off.


Oh that sweet pink is like something to eat!! So pretty.


Aaaaerrrgggh!!!!! must.not.click.links....!!!!! those yarns are super delicious. ;-)


I love Camilla's yarn. I need to knit more before I can buy some new. Thanks for all the links. I have been wanting to make that blanket for forever!


Oh, Andi, you're killing me. I'm truly doing my best to stay on my yarn diet (I must, I must) but you are such a temptress!


Yay for new sock yarn! Is the Creature Comfort Creations self-striping? And thanks for posting. Maybe seeing your purchases will keep me from making some of my own.



These yarns are amazing! As if I hadn't enough yarn, I want to purchase more now....


I love alllllll of those colors in the Twist and Twine. Extremely envious.

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