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The Holden Shawlette is super pretty. The perfect pattern worked in the perfect yarn by the perfect knitter.

I totally understand the yarn addiction. I love that they are easy to modify - depending on gauge, yardage, etc.

Have a great week!!


Your pics definitely show where pretty is made!! Love the shawl. You do such beautiful work with all that delicate fiber! Hope you have a lovely week.


That shawlette is so pretty! But I'm really loving the yarn in the bottom picture! It's so shimmery.


Gorgeous! I love the look of that yarn you are using for the Vera shawl (can't remember the name). It looks super soft and gorgeous and very right for that pattern!


So, so pretty! Lucky you with the friend across the pond! I have a "thing" for England too. I hope to go one day. Lovely gifts she sent!


I love your Holden Shawlette! The color is so beautiful! I feel the beginning of an addiction to shawls too! After Cladonia, I feel an irresitible attraction to Color Affection, Henslowe, Shaelyn, Quill, Cameo....


You definitely made pretty! I find myself going through phases as well. I was in a purple phase. Now I am in a Veera or TTL phase. I hope to finish a very quick Modern Garden Cardi today and cast on a Que Sera tomorrow. (Somehow I don't get the msg that summer is not for sweater knitting)


Shawl knitting is so addictive! I still have two WIPs on the needles and just queued the dew drops because I couldn't resist. Your Holden is stunning!


From socks to shawls, the natural progression of prettiness! That first shawl turned out amazing too. You are right about the perfect pairing of pattern to yarn, but you are naturally amazing at that too. I also really like the shawl in progress, that yarn looks so smooshy!


I am addicted to the lace pattern of my sweater, which is probably really good because I have much more to do!


I have been thinking about the Holden shawlette for a while. Yours is so beautiful that it may have pushed me over the edge. Needless to say, I have a shawl addiction, too.


Keeping busy with non knitted things. However, I am slowly progressing through both a worsted shawl and a lacy top.
I love your shawls. The purple one is simply a dream, and the other one is pretty too, what with it's color variations.


Andi it's gorgeous! I love that you didn't do the picot edging. It's cleaner but just as pretty. Thanks for sharing your addiction :)


What? Not a pair of socks? The horror.

(Of course I'm all for knitting phases.)

Mr. Puffy

Purple is after all a royal color! It's beautiful ~ I've only seen that pattern in a varigated yarn and it's a keeper either way ~ enjoy :)))


Such great yarn you're using.
It's more than pretty. What a beautiful shawl that was knitted up. I love the saturated colorway.
The second ball featured is awesome also. It's so neat how it was variegated.


Very beautiful shawl and the colour is gorgeous.


It came out gorgeous! I have dyed up some of the same yarn base as yours in an emerald green/dark green/teal colourway that has flecks of purple dotted through it and I am attempting my first shawl knitted using a chart! It's tough going on my very few brain cells but I'm slowly plugging away at it.

(BTW I'm hoping the whole "I can't view Typepad blogs thing" is now sorted. I've changed browser and that seems to be working, for now - it's such a pain in the arse!)


Beautiful shawl! I'm making my first lace shawl and now I'm on the lookout for more. I just love yours, and the color is gorgeous.


wow wow wow! that is some gorgeous lace knitting! congrats!


Wow, those colors are so rich! I think it's lovely as it and a beautiful way to capture that yarn.


This pink shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I'd sure like to knit one one day! How is the new one coming along? The colors are a beautiful blend!


Good Grief that is a pretty shawl. Love the yarn and the color- I bet it will be a favorite!

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