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oh, that's some lovely lace. i like the steel-y color. have a great weekend!


It IS a gorgeous scarf.
Jared Flood has been a name I hear often but have yet to make any of his patterns.
Autumn Leaves just might me the one pattern to lures me in


Gorgeous! You have a knack for picking patterns that I never gave a second look to. And your description of the yarn. Yum!

Can't wait to see what's in store for us on Monday. You're such a tease!


That is gorgeous! I would have never thought to use grey, as it comes off cold and uninviting to me - this has killed that mindset. I just want to squish. You did a lovely job.


Gorgeous! Such a beautiful colour too. I have yet to try Jared's patterns.


Well done! It's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to some enabling.


Very pretty scarf looks very soft and I do love those stripey socks ☺


Gorgeous pattern, gorgeous yarn!!

Hope you had a good sushi date with your family and enjoy the rest of your weekend, Andi!


Love, love, love this. If you ever grow tired of it, know that I could offer it a warm, loving home! :o))) Truly beautiful Andi xxx


Andi, this is absolutely lovely! The lace is beautiful! Now I want to knit the same scarf!
If you can believe me, I never knitted Jared's design! Isn't it a shame?
Have a lovely week end with your sister and your nephew!


It's getting tougher and tougher to resist buying new yarn after reading each of your posts. That grey yarn is divine.


Such a gorgeous color.I love discovering what happens to my hand knit after blocking. Just working on a few knit/crochet along projects this weekend. Trying to finish a pair of socks and toying with the idea of starting a sweater. Enjoy your sushi and the company.


I really love this scarf, it has a very simple beauty (my favorite kind) with the elegant gray matching perfectly with the intricate lace work. I think that this might actually be my favorite project of yours yet!

It's a good thing you included a disclaimer about the new yarn next post, I'll be handing my wallet off to a close friend in order to fight off the temptation to buy it all too. ; )


I love this pattern. Again my same words of always: Wish I could make this... I have made a scarf in very easy crochet stiches. I mentioned you in that post. You are an artist for sure dear Andi! Wish you a wonderful weekend!


Love the scarf. I spent my weekend in Kansas City with my family and I even hit up a yarn shop! I got to knit the whole way too :) It was really fun, but I am glad to be home. Sounds like your weekend is going well.

Mr. Puffy

Oooh ~ so pretty!!!! That made such a nice scarf ~ can't wait to be tempted on Monday....


That's very pretty. I have its doppelganger in the form of some Knitsch yarn called "Silver Lining". You'd swear it was the same thing!

I agree with you about Jared Flood's patterns - the pattern for the sweater I knitted my son was so easy to follow, and so clever too, with a very sensible and efficient approach to instructions.


Very pretty! I need to do some more lace knitting. Right now,though, I'm sewing.

Annie @ knitsofacto

This really is soooo pretty, and the yarn looks divine, you can 'feel' it's softness!


Love the yarn. I agree all of Jared's designs are luscious!


This is just gorgeous. Great tip on patterns so many time I feel so intimidated. I also wanted to thank you so much for such a kind comment- it made my day.
Happy Monday!


What a lovely shawl.

Erin Kate

It is beyond gorgeous!


It's beautiful! Fantastic job on that, Andi!
The ohana and I chillaxed this past weekend as I was all pooped out from my 5 year old's birthday and her graduation. But I did get in some knitting as it was still WWKIP!


Gorgeous lace! I love your mod by turning it into a scarf. I would wear this scarf a lot - even in "chilly" Arizona.

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