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Sounds like a wonderful relaxing weekend. Love the socks....I immediately thought of Harry Potter when I saw them :). My Netflix has been all about Downton Abbey lately. Love that show.


Hoo-flippin' ray!! You would not beleive how long I have not been able to view any Typepad blogs or leave comments (I still don't know the reason as to why) but today I can!!!

I really, really like your socks - I am not a HP fan so I will go with the view that they are Dr Seuss socks - I like Dr Seuss, he was a cool dude!! Your next pair need to be some green eggs and ham socks lol!!

Sorry you feel blue - wish I could get over to AZ super fast and knock your door and come and surprise visit you - just to cheer you up!!


Seuss or HP - either way they're de-bluifying :) I couldn't help myself from being happy if I wore them as well. And if you want to cast on more stripey socks, go for it! It's only yarn and WIPs. There are much bigger things to be concerned about in life. Enjoy!


I submit, as evidence of my opinion, this link: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/SquibStitcher/house-socks


That toddler dances better than me. A lot better!


Oh joy! Those socks make me happy just looking at the photo. The colors are definitely Dr. Suess like. Well done as always, Andi!


I love these socks so much , Andi!! :) They make me happy too. I just started a pair of self-striping socks, and after those scrappy striped ones, I really appreciate the self-striping yarn! It is just so much fun!

I'm taking your recommendation and am watching Miss Marple on Netflix! At first I could only find the older version, which has a very nice intro :) but I found the 2004 version and omg! The house she comes out of in the first four minutes is so cute! Looking forward to the knitting :)

I hope you have a wonderful week, Andi!


OH NO! She has pretty yarns! Must. Resist. Urge. To. BUY!!!
I love your socks btw.


I love the socks!


Those socks really do bring a smile. Hope they've done the trick to beat the blues. Hop on over to Jenni's blog for a bit more of a smile - this one had my son and I in stitches! http://www.baamekniits.com/2012/05/saturday-smile_26.html



I say Dr Suess. I love happy socks too.

Erin Kate

I love those colors, definitely happy!


Three more squares for your blanket? That's hardly anything (says the woman who took a year to finish hers)! You're so close!


It's probably better that there isn't another skein of Bazinga left. I would probably buy it.
I love your socks so much. And that is no Bazinga.

Hannah B

I have 2 skeins of that sock yarn too! Your socks are lovely and making me what to knit up more stripey socks.


Those are happy making socks, indeed. I'd say HP because I'm a HP geek. :)


One day I will get my nerve up to try socks. Knitting is such a great way to help loose stress. Love the little on dancing, he is great. Love the new socks. Have you any idea how many socks you have made? Have a good week Andi.


Ha ha, glad I'm not the only one that wears completed sock 1 while working on sock number 2 :)))
I'll have to check out Miss Marple. I've borrowed the first series of Downton Abbey from a friend and thoroughly enjoying it.
And lastly that video is awesome. Naomi loves to dance but has the coordination of her mother - none! It's amazing to see what these wee ones can pick up. Very cool.


My husband would love if I made him socks in those colors. He's an Iowa State fan :) I really enjoyed seeing that cute boy dance. So talented.


The socks are pure joy! Great links as well.

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