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Orange I'm learning is SO hot now in the fashion world. I love that Damask shawl in it!
LOL & KTHO's pairs of socks are awesome! I read LOL too.
I posted this blog post on Brenda's FB wall to let her know she got a yarn shout out; she'll be so thrilled. I bought some worsted yarn of hers in orange. Boy do I need to knit that baby up.


Love this new shawl! Is so pretty and delicate. I know that you will find a good fit for that yarn soon. Maybe something smaller?

Enjoy your knitting and rest of the weekend. Stay cool :-)


The shawl is beautiful.


oh! thank you andi! you are so sweet! i LOVE your shawl, everything about it, the lacy but modern looking stitch, the color, it's a beauty, you always find the prettiest yarn too. i am deadline knitting right now, but i'm queueing this for later. :)


wow, that's a perfectly elegant shawl! i love the color.


That shawl is so pretty and delicate looking. I am working on clue two of Stephen West's Mystery KAL. I am so-so about it. I think I like frilly better. Love the Dewdrops pattern. Two much eye candy for me this morning. Have a good one, Andi


I'm the same way ~ socks and shawls! Yours all turn out so lovely, Andi. I'm flying down there this morning and packed some knitting (a shawl!) I saw some pictures of that duststorm that swept through at dinnertime yesterday and it made me want to sneeze... a lot!


The color & tones go so well with this beautiful shawl- love the pattern - no wonder you love knitting shawls when they turn out so beautiful!


Beautiful shawl. Loving the phydeaux yarn. 'Need' to get my hands on some of that :)))


This is so beautiful Andi! The color is so delicate and matches the pattern very nicely.


The colors of that shawl are so pretty! Subtle yet elegant. I love it :)

Mr. Puffy

Your shawl is stunning ~ love the champagne color you used! I can only imagine the nightmare of knitting with lace yarn that keep breaking - not!!! Personally I would not have stopped at frogging - trashing and stomping on yarn has it's place too. So many beautiful projects in blogland ~ always so impressive ~

Annie @ knitsofacto

I could have sworn I'd commented here yesterday. Maybe I forgot to pop back after looking at your delicious shawl on Ravelry.

A summer shawl, it puts me in mind of driftwood on the beach. I must try this pattern, I really must :D


Oh wow that's gorgeous!


Isn't it fun when you are able to turn not ideal light conditions into some thing rare and interesting? I love those photos quite a lot! The shawl of course is also beautiful, I don't blame you for knitting shawls, they are such a fun project!


This is a beautiful shawl!


Another perfect looking knit. I am always amazed by the quality of your knits.


I love that shawl. The picot edge is so sweet.


What a beautiful shawl! I love the shades in it! Really beautiful pattern!


Lovely shawl and such a cozy color! You are a shawl-making wonder!


That sound is me weeping in absolute envy...

Andi, this is truly thee ♥MOST GORGEOUS♥ thing you have knitted!!

Wow. Gorgeous. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.


I just love the simplicity of this shawl...and the colors of the yarn makes it just beautiful.
I want to KNIT!
You are to sweet- hah with all my mess ups in that shawl...grrrr- thank you though:)
Have a lovely weekend- "shawl maestro".

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