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I love the sunday swing socks, I made a pair last year (though you cannot tell since I used very gradiated yarn). I also love the pink ones you finished, very simple, yet cute! I agree that no knitter should ever not have socks on the needles.


heh, i believe in having many projects on-the-go so i totally approve!

pink socks are so sweet. thanks for the pattern link.

Mr. Puffy

Lots of fun projects!!! I'm having a fit of startitist myself these days ~ and am enjoying it immensely :) Love the song kk


I love all of your socks! How do you like the pattern that you are knitting up using Socks that Rock in Grimms Willow Wren? I am knitting my first pair of socks in that same pattern. I am on my second sock.


Having many projects on the needles is not always a bad thing, you'll always have options! Seeing so many beautiful socks seriously makes me want to cast on a new pair, maybe with stripes like yours? I think that your many projects are really inspiring me to cast on a few new projects too!


You have so many lovely projects underway ~ and such fabulous yarn choices! I've n-o-t-h-i-n-g on the needles at the moment. And no inspiration. None whatsoever. Might as well head down (yet again!) to visit the grandchildren and escape these cool Colorado evenings and fresh and breezy days...


Love your pink socks Andi!
You can talk about the test, it's not a secret! :D


I know what you mean about starting lots of new knitting projects - I have started and finished one sock and have started a knitted shrug but now cannot muster the mojo to get on and finish them.


Such pretty projects --and I did not want to shake you, as I tend to do the same thing--I am all about options, but I usually reach a point when it is to much and I start to feel stressed.
I have yet to do a pair of socks (on my to do list)-and am wondering about the term, "vanilla socks"....what does that mean?


Well, even though you feel a bit "all over the place," your WIPs are gorgeous. No one's judging you so just enjoy having all those pretty things on your needles!


Love the pink socks! I hate it when startitis strikes...and I end up with more projects on my needles than I'm comfortable with. It's always a relief when it goes away, and I can get settled on just one or two projects :)


I love all the WIPs. I finally came to terms with WIP-mania this year. Knitting is a hobby and is supposed to make you happy. If 5 WIPs do it, then so be it!

And I do love the pinky textured socks up there. But that's no surprise :)


Well by golly! Aren't you adventurous :O)?! They are all wonderful projects. I love how you love socks. The pink ones do have great texture as do the next pair. What an interesting way to use self-striping yarn for those lace ones.

katie metzroth

Lyrica Euterpe looks fab. Can't wait to see the finished pics! :)


Pretty, pretty projects! You know how I feel about multiple WIPs, so I won't repeat my encouragement of your WIP habit. ;-) That Socks that Rock yarn is gorgeous. It reminds me of something in my stash... no!!! lalalala, I can't hear you, wait until I've finished what's on my needles!!


I would think there was something wrong if you didn't have several pairs of socks on the needles. So I'm glad to hear you are doing just fine.


Your pink socks are very sweet! You have so many things on your needles! It's so fun to see it all progress! Have a great week!


Wow amazing projects. I love the sweet, pink socks - so cute. Hope you have a great weekend.


Love those multi-striped socks. So cute. Everytime I visit your blog I feel the need to pick up my needles! thanks for the encouragement!

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