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Mr. Puffy

We are of like mind!!! It's a horrible heatwave we are having and I couldn't resist buying the new Knitscene mag :) Your simple Sunday sounds heavenly ~ enjoy :)


SO love these socks...and the dish looks de-lish.
It is so hot in Montucky all I have energy for these days are tomato sandwiches.
Thanks for all the great links- awesome inspiration.


Just got that same catalog yesterday and was absolutely taken with the cover!


The socks are very cute so far :) I'm loving the pink and the waffle pattern. Knit Picks sent out a new catalog? Darn. I'm going to have to be strong and toss it out! Great links as always. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday...


Gosh, you always have such great links to share. I especially like the year in socks post. (I'll bet that if you did the year in socks, you'd be done in 3 months.)


I don't know how you get to find all these amazing blogs. Thanks for the links!


Love your socks Andi (as usual!)Oh and your casserole looks so good!
Have a lovely week!


I am so ready for fall, I have been knitting hats like crazy. I love those socks :)


aw, what sweet pink socks! as always, i love getting to wander through your links. thanks!


Haven't received my KnitPicks catalog yet...wonder where it might be. I'm starting to pick up the sticks again. They have been pretty quiet this summer!


hi andi,

thanks once again for all the great links~ love the pink waffley goodness! my knit picks hasn't arrived yet? i too, love grey!


I still use the oven even though it's a hot day also. That blueberry cake looks so yummy. I had to Pin that.
What a summer pink. I like the waffle like st that's goin' on in it.


I forgot all about the lip gloss in the tin container. I believe mine was a strawberry flavored. I'm sure you could smell it from blocks away. We used to buy the Bonnie Bell lip gloss also. I remember the Bubblegum flavor being a big hit. I used to buy the choclate and cherry tubes and wear them both at once. I wonder how many pounds of this stuff we've ingested over the years.


You do have great taste in yarn and patterns... and food! It looks so yummy! Thanks for linking to my shawlette! Isn't it cute? It's more of a light brown than grey. Everybody seems to think it's grey, you're not the only one ;-) Have a great week Andi!


your socks are so pretty andi. i love your posts, they are so sweet, the way you admire others knits and all the links you provide. i'm off to follow them all, but wanted to say hello first. i hope it cools off soon for you :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

Missed this. So with you on the shades of white and grey. Beautiful. Bubblegum pink socks on the other hand ... cute!


I made that casserole, too & my family loved it! I love reading about your projects and the extras here, too are great. Lip Smackers. Hadn't thought of those since I was little!

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