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Love the idea of putting the stash into project bags together with the pattern! And choosing what to work on with a drawing is a time saver. Sometimes I spent as much time browsing in ravelry than knitting. Keep us posted about the two KALs.

Thanks for sharing such amazing selection of "knitting at is best".



That knitting in public video is ridiculous. I love the bit where she was sitting scrunched up on a table. Haha. And she does look cooler than that kid holding milk.


Funny, I've toyed with the idea of sorting out a bunch of sock yarn with patterns too. I've got the next two socks queued already, so I guess I'm sort of doing that. Seeing all your yarns queued makes me want to go and rummage in my stash now!!


Love the video as well as the idea of putting your skeins and patterns in separate bags. Why haven't I thought about this before? It would avoid a lot of thinking/frogging/reknitting.... :p


Thank you so much again joining the KAL! I just know your Quill will look fantabulous!! I am amazed at all the socks you are intending on knitting - I still am at one sock (I have cast on the other just need to get my ass in gear with it). Small projects just seem to take longer to knit for me than bigger projects for some crazy reason!

Loved the video at the end - I wish I had a friend local to me that I could do crazy knitting stuff with - people just think I am weird for knitting - hell, no!! They are weird for NOT knitting!!


Ooh I could use some of that gorgeous sock stash for my Year of Socks! I love your approach of randomly selecting your next pair to work on. Have fun!


I clicked onto the shawl pattern and fell in love, you have the perfect color for it. And I know I have at least 12 skeins of sock yarn, but I could never do that KAL you are doing. So I wish you the best of luck because it sounds like a lot of work, but a lot of fun!


I love how you've gone from no KALS to two major ones! I love your sock KAL concept -- if anyone can do it, it's you! ; )


That video is just adorable, heehee. Two KALs? Oh wow will you be busy and productive! I'm positively drooling over the sock yarn photo, so pretty! I can't even begin to picture the sock possibilities! You are just so awesome, Andi!


I so like the sock KAL you've joined! Ooh tempting as my drawer of sock yarn is bursting.
The Ashton shawl is beautiful and so fun to see the new mama knitting while her son's laid and conked out!


Omgod that grey is just gorgeous, one of my favourite colours. And the shawl you've picked looks so warm and cosy too. Can't wait to see the finished project.


i love all the colors in your personal sock yarn club! have you selected patterns yet? i can't wait to watch your progress on these beauties!


Happy knitting....I can only dream of being so productive!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Ooh Quill, I have my eye on that pattern now my hands are getting better and I can think about knitting again? What's the yarn Andi, it looks lovely :)

Like Mrs Grateful I am envious of your productivity!


You have so much knitting and knitterly things going on I am jealous!! I need to get some time and mojo back! Hope your week is fantastic.


Whau, look at all those colors!! Wish I was a super knitter so I could share more with you. I feel sorry that I a pathetic thing when it cames to knitting. I do however love it and love some more!! Wishing you a great weekend!!

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