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Train is by far my favorite band, and that video is so hilarious that I totally get why it is stuck in your head.
And that is such a super cute card! I always keep the cards and pictures kids give me, they are so special.


I'm glad you celebrate your birthday during a month, because I'm soooo late! Please wait a little bit more, I have something for you. :)
I'm a monogamous knitter (well most of the time) and I have no tips.... I just knit, knit, knit.... until it's finished. Sorry, I'm no help.


It'll get there!


Too funny. That song was playing in my head as I was reading your post then I saw you are having the same problem. lol

As for only working on one project....ummmm I don't know what that means.


fell in a ceement mixer, full of quicksand...yeah...that one!!!
I am monogamous to only one...the rest I cheat on left right and centre!!! it's too boring otherwise...
and I LOVE that song...help me help me...here comes a crappy purple scion!! :)))))))):}


Oh yes, that project will definitely pay off, it is super pretty, I love it! Your little friend is simply adorable, so when do you teach her to knit?


I like to hit a certain stitch quota per day. And I'll try to estimate how many stitches I have left so I can do a count-down to how many days until the project is done. I find it helps a bit. Good luck finishing!

Mr. Puffy

What a fun post with so much going on! I'm not a monogamous knitter so my projects all take me forever so no advice except that it really will be worth it when you finish. I also find knitting during football games productive and I'm finding it particularly enjoyable with Notre Dame having an awesome start! Love the inspiration links and thank you for the kind mention ~


ah quill! it's in the queue, can't wait! your's is looking lovely dear. i am mostly monogamous because i love the finished product! (and i'm afraid of not finishing if i put a wip down, hee hee). what a cutie regan is, the card is a forever keep!


LOL, what a funny video? David Hasselhough and a Mariachi band? Creative. That lead singer can sang!
A belated, Hau oli 'la hanau! I'm glad you had a great time w/the visit. Reagan is such a cutie.
I'd be goin' a bit wonky w/that continuous shawl also. I'd at least work on two projects at a time to get a break from the other.


Monogamous knitting sounds good.. ( I just had to frog too many rows due to not paying enough attention here... ;p )
Though it can be a bore indeed.. What helped me last time, was "Matilda" by Roald Dahl, as audiobook :-)

katie metzroth

Last week I was all monogamous and thinking what a good little knitter I am. Now, not so much. Have cast on two projects in last two days. (sheepish grin)


Deep in my heart I love to be casual with my knitting. The more the merrier. I like the advice of having a daily "quota". I might try it with my multiple WIPs.

Keep on the good knitting. The shawl will be beautiful when done. And then you can celebrate with a beer or two!


Happy belated birthday wishes. Love that you are celebrating the month - that's my motto :)
What afabulous gift from your beautiful friend.


What a sweet friend you got there!! She's so cute!! You are a busy lady. Never heard that song before but it is interesting!!
P.S. Still not here yet Andi but I am sure it will be soon. Don't worry! :)


Your shawl is working up beautifully! I am truly impressed with your knitting devotion. One project? Really?? Not even a pair of socks. Which reminds me. I'm going to bite the bullet this fall/winter and try my first pair of socks. Can you recommend a pattern for a newbie? Happy Birthday Month!!


Your Quill will be beautiful! The yarn looks just gorgeous! You, monogamous? ;-)


I don't know how they do it either... except I have noticed that when I plow through a project from beginning to end, I tend to get more done than when I flit from project to project. I also don't lose interest in projects because they've been sitting on the needles for so long.

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