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Happy Birthday! Your gorgeous! My favorite birthday memory is Every year on our birthday (we were poor) My mom would make you your favorite dinner and desert and my mom would make this icecream pie with a coconut crust golden brown and ice cream piled high with all the toppings. Me and my sister would devour it!


My birthday is right before Christmas so when I was a child my baby sitter made up a game for my parties, pin the beard on Santa. She was the best!

Andrea W.

I am a September gal myself! I had a wonderful birthday party when I was in the sixth grade that is a standout for me because it was my first "outside family" birthday party. If I told you how old I am you would wonder how I can even remember it! Happy Birthday Month to you!


Happy, happy birthday, Andi! I hope your day, birthday month and year are all your best ever. I love your photo, by the way.

My best birthday memory is sort of a composite one. My birthday is in late March, and when I was a child, my mother would always put a bouquet of daffodils on the table at my birthday party and/or my birthday dinner. I love daffodils; to me, they are the essence of spring.

Fast forward many years to last year. At some point I had mentioned to my husband about the birthday daffodils, and on my birthday there was a little pot of miniature daffodils sitting on the dinner table! We enjoyed them until they faded, and then we planted the bulbs in the garden. This year, they were blooming on my birthday, carrying forward the daffodil tradition in a new way.

cassandra b

on our birthdays, my mom would make us for dinner whatever we asked for, no matter how crazy the request! i always just asked for tacos though, every single year LOL!


Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You! I think I had my first birthday party at the age of 3 and it was my last birthday party! LOL! I have pictures that my mother took of the party. Everyone was dressed up and in those days, dressed up meant dresses, shoes, white socks. Too funny! Since the first birthday party, my birthdays have been quiet, spent with family and friends and NO Dressing Up!

Stitched Together

Happy Birthday! How lovely of you to share it with us. My favourite birthday party was for my 13th. I had a roller disco in our local sports hall. The disco part was done by my Mum on a portable tape player. Everyone had the best time and still talk about it fondly now 26 years later!


Happy birthday Andi! It is my birthday month as well.

My favorite birthday memory... hm. I've liked the simpler years, dinner out with my husband and kids. That's always the best.


Happy Birthday!

Me and my twin sister are July babies and one year when we were to turn 5 my parents thought a BBQ with a bouncy castle would be brilliant!

Of course in true British weather it POURED down just after the guest arrived; Torrential rain which forced us all into the newly built and still (luckily!) empty garage.

Of course by this point the BBQ had been running for a while as it's charcoal not gas- so there's my poor dad and my godfather out there in this downpour, with my dad trying to flip burgers and sausages and my uncle bringing the food to the garage and trying to cover the BBQ with the umbrella!

One of those things that wasn't funny at the time but was later on. Plus as a bonus we got to keep the bouncy castle for a few extra days- which was quite a big deal when you're 5!

Debbie H

My favorite birthday memory is not my own, but my daughter's birthday party when she was about 7. We had a roller skating party and it was really fun!


Happy Birthday you young thing! Hope you have a great day! Enjoy!
ps:you are too sweet to give me a shout out! Thank you.

Sarah Burton

My favorite birthday memory is when I was about 7 and a clown in a vw beetle that looked like a mouse pulled up in the driveway. Such a fun day!!
Happy Birthday!!
Been wanting to try Vintage for a while now. Would love to win it!


Hello, mine is the year where on my birthday, Brussels was in only a few hours covered with a white carpet of snow and all trafic stopped because of it. I went home from the office by feet instead taking the bus and it was already dark, but with all that white snow reflecting and glittering ... magic!


Happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to my wonderful friend! Your photo is just gorgeous and I love that your fringe (are they called bangs in the US?) is shorter! It really, really suits you! You are looking very Adele-esque indeed and it suits you Missus!!

My birthday memories aren't very flashy as I tend to keep things low key for my own birthdays (even as a child it was low key, which was OK) but I would say my best memory was my daughters' 11th birthday last year. It was the first birthday where you could see she was properly growing up and we had a fantastic Mum & Daughter Birthday Day - we shopped, ate out and had so much fun! Although only 11 I could see that she was no longer a little girl but was blossoming into becoming a wonderful young woman!


Hi Andi, I have a birthday coming up on the 19th. At this point I don't want to be a year older. So I am going back a year. I think my favorite birthday was about 10 years ago my husband bought me my very own chocolate sheet cake, with chocolate icing. I ate the whole thing. Was so yummy. Will keep you in my thoughts, happy birthday. Take care and enjoy your time!


Happy Birthday! What a lovely giveaway-and one I am dying to win! :)

My favorite birthday memory is sort of a composite also--a tribute to my mom, kind of. You see, my birthday is December 18th, exactly one week from Christmas. My mom made sure I always, and I mean always, had a birthday party with all my friends, birthday fixins and decorations (sometimes Christmas themed but not always), and presents wrapped in birthday paper. Now that I am 50, been a mother of 4 for 29 years, and have hosted many large family Christmas gatherings, I am every grateful to my mom for being able to pull that off!

Kim kimmery4(at)yahoo.com


Happy birthday! Greetings all the way from Norway ;)

My favorite birthday memory must be when I was in the hospital with my newborn daughter. <3 Which is 12 years ago now. Time flies.


Happy Birthday! You are coming into the good years!!!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Happy Birthday!!!!

My happiest birthday memory? Just one of mine ... my Mum and my sister combining funds to send me the hugest bunch of yellow roses you ever did see. Oh they were beautiful, and all the more appreciated for being totally unexpected.

Great giveaway!


You are beautiful! Happy birthday!

I have 2 favorite birthday memories. 2010 - I turned 23 and had just arrived at my training company in AIT (Army job school). I was there to become a medic. My birthday was a treat because it was the day that we went to the medic museum at Fort Sam Houston, so something different from the usual not fun stuff. It was neat and we even got the real treat of fast food thanks to my sgt not wanting Army food that day. We did get punished and did push-ups later, but it was fun.

2011 - I was newly married to my wonderful husband and we went to Sea World San Antonio. I had been many times in Florida, but SA was different and I had a great time with my new husband. We fed the sea lions (my favorite) and he bought me a giant stuffed walrus.


Happy birthday!

I don't think I have just one favorite birthday memory. They all just blend together but there are lots of different moments that I've remembered over the years.

Finding an outfit from the popular store in the mall on my bed in the morning...My parents taking us out to eat at a fancy restaurant where I got to try lobster for the first time (didn't like it)...Getting to stay home from school to go to an audition followed by taking my driver license test...


Happy Birthday!

I LOVED 40; it was the best year ever. Everything seemed to fall into place. I felt grown-up, confident, young, and vital - like I'd finally gained a degree of wisdom and the right to enjoy it. I packed myself up and went to Hawai'i for 10 days. All by myself, my birthday present to "me" (I do always give myself the best presents). It was the best vacation I'd ever had.

I hope yours is as wonderful!


Hey, Gorgeous!! Happy Birthday! As someone who is already closer to 50 than 40 now, I can safely say the forties are pretty damn good. Enjoy!


Happy Birthday!!! My birthday was today, too. Hope you had an excellent one!


Lots of favorites - love my June birthday cause that means I get presents every 6 months! Ha. Anyway, one of my favorite was my 50th. Many reasons - one of which was that was the birthday when I decided I would stop letting myself chicken out of doing new things because they looked like I might not like them....after all, I had made it thru to 50 years, trying new things was not going to kill me! That was also a birthday where I actually took a mini vacation from work and we (hubby and I) went away for my birthday! We usually go away to celebrate my hubby's birthday but never mine...

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