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Well I have a shawl I just started for a KAL and it's coming along nicely since it's all garter stitch. And I have a wrap for my mom that is slowly but surely coming.
I LOVE your socks, it really is sad you can't get that yarn anymore, I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could. I have yet to make a pair of self striping socks.


3000 hours? I hope you are able to maintain friendships even though you spend all your time on Quill.
I am a sucker for a good Halloween sock. Are there any other good places to find an excellent halloween sock yarn? If anyone would know, I'm sure you would!


I am working at finishing some current projects but it doesn't really help that I started on a new blanket this last week.


Sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend! The socks are so fun, the striping is so perfect and lovely. I'm not sure I'm ready for the big holidays yet, no offense.


hi andi! i look forward to sundays as i know you'll be posting some goodness~ i was looking at your flicker pics and saw the halloween yarn & wondered if you had made some cuteness and sure enough you did! i love the stripy halloween goodness~ so cute!

new projects? of course..lol i'm still working on my favorite scarf and also spring fern socks. next...a shawl! any suggestions? (something simple but not too simple and warm)

hope all is well with you my friend! have a great week ahead~



Annie @ knitsofacto

So I should remove Quill from my Rav queue, yes? ;)

I am totally stuck with my knitting at the moment. I'm waiting for beads for one project, broke the needle on another and need to shop for a replacement, and have decided against the pattern I'd chosen for a third project and can't decide on an alternative. At which point I found myself contemplating a Pi shawl. Maybe not quite 3000 hours but ... ;)


yay for more stripey socks! i thought of you this morning on the train when i cast on for a pair of stripey socks myself! the stripes really broke well on the heel flap. i'm a bit concerned that mine will not break nearly as well. i considered an afterthought heel but i really like the fit of a heel flap.

and here's hoping you're getting some "chilly" weather. it was 50 degrees this morning when i got in the car. i suspect you're not there yet...but soon?


That stripey yarn rocks! Make me think of Frankenstein!
Your Quill has certainly made a big jump progress. Good for you!

Mr. Puffy

I'm finishing up Halloween self stripy socks too ~ great minds think alike :))) It's beastly hot here but I am all of a sudden panicked because Fall will be come and gone before we know it and I've been a slacker knit wise lately....


cute socks! and your quill, LOVE. i hope you don't mind how long it takes, its going to be gorgeous. i need to start looking for wool for mine too. happy birthday to your friend!


Admitted, that link on The Quill made me giggle... Though I fear I have somewhat of the same problem here... ( which now lies hibernating quietly, pretty much out of sight; I needn't be reminded constantly of course... ;-) it's to once become a second Color Affection, or some frogged something... )
But I guess when you alternate it with those lovely socks, you will make it, no doubt :-)

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