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Beautiful Arroyo and socks! It is stunning and classic in white. You have such a knack for choosing the perfect pattern for yarn; I would have never of thought to use Felici striping with a pattern like this, but I LOVE it :)

The quilt your mom made is so pretty :) I am sure it is so cozy too. The m&m's are awesome!

I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday!!

katie metzroth

The Arroyo is lovely!....and the socks look fab too! good times.


Oh your mama would have made me cry too - I absolutely love your quilt! She is very talented and has chosen some beautiful shades of pink. I'm so happy to hear that you had a wonderful birthday - you deserve it.


Your knitting is lovely as always. Sometimes when I'm working on a large project, I live vicariously through your FOs.


Happy Birthday month Miss Andi! (one can't hear that too often can they?) Your knitting always leaves me in awwww girl! I love the shawl...I've been wanting to start a shawl as I think it would look better wrapped around my shoulders than my green blanket with little white dog hairs on it.. hahaha~ I love the quilt your momma made you! You are truely blessed my friend~




LOVE the socks, better than my pair by far... the pattern shows up lovely on those stripes.

I am glad you had a great birthday, and are able to get back into knitting. The white scarf/shawl looks lovely!


Wow, I can surely see why you'd want to have an Arroyo of your own...
The quilt looks beautiful, too ! No wonder it brought you to tears... Big ups for your mum !


Wow, your Arroyo is gorgeous, it just looks fantastic in white! I'm definitely queuing that lovely pattern. You have been so productive, congrats! I'm so glad to hear you have been enjoying your birthday, I especially love the cupcake (so cute!). Also, if my mother had make me something that precious I would have cried too.


HI Andi, Your Arroyo is gorgeous as all your knitting is. The quilt your mother made is just stunning. She is very talented
the talent runs in your family. Have a great week, and happy knitting!


Gorgeous knitting as always! Your friends and family have given you very loving gifts. xx


You've received some really lovely gifts! The quilt your mother made looks so lovely! We need a better picture! Your white Arroyo looks so soft and the socks so fun! Hum, the only shadow in this post is football, LOL! Have a great week!


Oh like mother like daughter, I see your mom is also very talented. That quilt is lovely. Ohhh my goodness that white beautiful shawl will be soooo loved! This made me shout in happiness!! Can hardly wait Andi!! Wishing you a great week!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

So glad you had a good birthday :D The quilt your Mom made is gorgeous, and the Arroyo is perfect. I want to pick it up and smoosh it looks so good, but I've settled for downloading the pattern from Rav :D


What afabulous quilt from your Mum. And that nail polish - wowza!


I can't begin to tell you how much I adore those striped socks!!!

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