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The quill does look very pretty now that you are on the border, and the socks are super cute too! I need more striped socks, and you always have a way of reminding me that!


So pretty sista! The socks are a little crazy though : )

katie metzroth

Things we can count on: Death, taxes and Jared Flood's patterns being amazing.


Ahhh yes, I do miss the days of Grunge - though my Docs were a beautiful shade a pink. I remembering saving up too and I wore them with everything. Good times.


Glad to see you are sticking with your Quill :) Liking those socks too. As you know I loved the Grunge Era too - somedays I wish I could be stuck forever in that time - I loved my Doc Martins!


The border on Quill looks (gasp) even prettier than it does in the BT photos. (I think I'm a sucker for really delicate-looking lace.)

Those socks do live up to their name, I think. I'm in LOVE with the colors.


You love you some stripy socks! I don't think I've ever seen that shawl, it is so beautiful and delicate!


I'm in love alright...I'm a wanton hussy falling for everything I see...dropped stitches have me at hello this time around...I need to drop stitches...and not pick them up again...feels right somehow...
sorry, did I just type all that out loud!!!!!??
great links as always...ta muchly my lovely!!
xxxxx :)


i think we may share the love for stripes right now--two stripey things were casted on this week and i can't stop!
as always, jealous of your sock knits. gotta learn how to make some soon!


Those stripes rock my friend! Love them. Thanks for the links; I'm really getting used to waiting what you'll have next. Is like discovering the www thru your eyes. Have a great week!


ooh, that lacy border looks challenging and lovely. good luck!


I love the lacy border...and it is not possible to have too many striped socks. It just isn't! Happy knitting!


there is nothing like grunge and eddie vedder is indeed a sex symbol.
i love this love list of yours, really inspiring and cute.
and shawl looks amazing, too, especially the lace border but also the yarn.

in other words. i fell inlove with you and your blog. <3


To me, it's totally the 80s! Your Quill will be so lovely and your little stripeys are really cool so far!


Hooray, Quill is almost done! Yes, sometime's a pattern tricky in a place but sticking it out can lead to new discoveries.
Fun socks. I love how you try neat, indie dyers.

Annie @ knitsofacto

A little 'Ooh' escaped my lips when I saw the edging on your Quill. Anything lacy and in grey gets me every time!


Lovely lovely lovely! I do the same thing with every Jared Flood pattern, until it all comes together and I remember to trust him always.


Your Quill is looking great. I can't wait to see what a good blocking will do to it.

I haven't personally knit Quill, but I'm wondering what about it did you find to be a genius concept?


Another gorgeous work Andi. I should learn how to attach videos, it's such a nice idea. Handwork is nice to do now a days here. It's chilly and we have had horrable winds for two days. Wishing a great weekend!


oooh the quill. must choose wool for mine soon! thank you for sharing the links andi, good grief that house, love it so much.


Your Quill is gorgeous!!! Can't wait to see it finished! Have you made the small or large size?


So glad you are on speaking terms with your Quill again! I love knitting up shetland constructed designs as well. You'll really enjoy wearing it when it's finished. A labor or love.

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