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I think it would be a shame if you didn't have "sock knitter" on your gravestone. I'm hoping for "knitter extraordinaire" on mine.

And I think the sock bug is catching. I haven't had socks on the needles for three weeks and it's making me antsy. I'm trying to convince myself that a sock weight sweater is almost the same thing.


And what is wrong with knitting lots of socks? "Crazy sock knitter" would be a good tombstone epitaph. If you ever feel guilty (which you shouldn't) you can always gift them (I'm sure you do that anyway). My family (having now received socks) all eye my new sock WIPs with hope. It's quite amusing. Love the colour of both your new socks.


My sister just sent me your blog link and i am cracking up. We too have many people we feel like are our real friends in the blog world. Sometimes i feel like i know more about them then some of my real friends!!!! Love the blog. I will be back.


You are too funny. I love it when someone BIG time comments on my blog. I text my sister right away with total excitement. Usually the big time person is only big time to us :)


Ok, now you understand how I felt the first time you left a comment on my little blog! and you were my first commenter!! :-)

The socks are just gorgeous!! Their colors even match. How about wearing a solid and a stripe on those boring Wednesdays of any given week??

Have a wonderful weekend!


Love the socks as usual and keep on knitting em and showing em to us lol. I get rather excited if I get any comments on my blog lol, sad soul I am ☺☺


awesome way to start the year off! a pink pair and a stripey pair - perfect!

and i love Monica's suggestion of wearing one of each as a pair. i would totally do that.


The two new pair of socks are beautiful as always!


lovely colors
very pretty!!


The pinks socks are as always lovely. I really am jealous of your handknit sock collection. I guess my biggest problem is getting started :/


hee hee andi, i love your posts, your sense of humor and of course your knitting. i'm off to see your friend, there is nothing quite like a good blog crush :)

p.s. i now HAVE to knit a pair of pink socks.


Socks! You must be drowning in socks (which totally isn't a bad thing)! I'm definitely going to take a look Melanie's blog, I need some more recipes to try!


Hilarious, Andi! Does this make you kinda famous??? Love the socks BTW. I actually finished a pair too that didn't take months. I needed an easy knit while working on Leaves of Grass.


Love your socks (we never have enough in my humble opinion)!
They make me want to buy (pink) more sock yarn I absolutely do not need!
Oh and thank you so much for letting us discovering Jolie's post! It's absolutely delightful!


love the socks!


Excellent socks, as always! The Cup of Tea socks seem like they'd be great for variegated and solid yarns as well...adding to faves. Thanks for the enabling!


You are so awesome Andi- too funny!
Swoon...pink socks, must have.


I really like those pink socks! I had already planned to make them at some point, but since you've already done so, did you find that you could easily memorize the pattern? I need new socks for purse knitting.


Amazing how fast you can do those. Outstanding quality work.


You and your BFF are so funny and too cute! I love how you're a sock addict. Both of these pairs are awesome.


Embrace the crazy sock lady within! Your socks always amaze me. I especially love your My Cup of Tea pair. What beauties! And I just realized I've got a skein of Sweet Georgia in the same color. Thanks for the inspiration!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Nice socks, and I can't think of many better epitaphs! I think I may end up with crazy dog lady on my tombstone, or perhaps crazy knitting dog lady.

Thanks for the get well wishes Andi, much appreciated :D

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