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Hitchhiker is fabulous - enjoy! As for a sweater in that yarn, all I can think of is omg scratchy. I can't imagine wrapping myself in that yarn - even when it's 20 degrees out.

and you know I love those socks - both the FP and the WIP. LOVE.


Your hitchhiker is so pretty. I love to always see all the colors of your yarn. Your posts are always so bright and cheerful. I have been working with such dull colors lately I decided to go to the yarn store to brighten up my knitting. I ended up with a deep red and a dark gray, oops. I guess I have to keep coming here for a pop of color.


Golly!!! You're cranking out those socks at warped speed! Amazing!

Love the Hitchhiker; I can't imagine using that yarn for a sweater but I think it rocks with a smaller project like the one you've used it for.

Happy Sunday to you too!

CJ @ Knitworked Yarns

Hi Andi!
I love the colour of that Butterflybush Yarn... it POPS!! :) I think I need to become more adventurous with brightly coloured yarns.. they're so fun!
Thanks for mentioning me in your post today as one of the new bloggers you have come across! Means a lot! Starting out IS difficult sometimes, but I try to remember why I started it in the first place and then anything that comes of it beyond that is an added bonus!!
Hope you're having a great weekend!
- CJ


Sock knitting should come with a warning. Once you start, you just can't stop ;)

Your Hitchhiker looks very nice. I do like the colourway you chose.

It's always nice to visit new blogs. I had a huge cull at the beginning of the year as some of them were quite 'samey'. I may have to do some more pruning though to make way for new shoots ;)

Have a fabby Sunday :)


I so love all your socks. What vibrant fun colors you use. I am envious. And your hitchhiker. I will be glad to start a new project once I am done with the log blanket. I am itching for something new.


Absolutely beautiful Andi!! I admire your work greatly!
Love, love, love!!
P.S. I left a message for you in the comment box of the previous post. Hope you will get to see it!
Thank you for sharing these marvelous and beautiful things.


Thanks for the introduction to new blogs. Always a good thing.

And congrats on getting more WIPs off of the needles. Also a great thing.


my mum's requested a hitchhiker, but I haven't cast on yet. But so many people seem to enjoy that pattern.

Thanks for sharing the new blogs - i think i subscribed to all of them!


I love your Hitchhiker - how much of the Kauni did you use? I have a skein (ok, I have TWO skeins of Kauni) and this might be a great use for it!

Your basic vanilla are wonderful (I have an affinity for basic vanilla socks you know) and the Butterflybush sock yarn is pretty wonderful too. Have I ever told you how much I love visiting your blog and seeing your sock WIPs?

Thanks for sharing your new and new-ish blog finds! I visited all of them and think you have great taste in knitting bloggers :-)


Love your Hitchhiker! Such beautifully soft colours :)


Your FO's are fantastic. I particularly love your socks: Andi, your stitches are so perfectly even.
Hope you have a lovely week!


Andi:) Your hitchhiker is AWESOME:)))) I love it so much...the colors are so soothing! I am really inspired by you..Happy knitting!


Thanks, friend, for the shout out! Love that Hitchhiker--I think I may need to cast one on...as soon as I'm done with my Grey Beauty. That should be ready for its close-up in the next week or so, btw. :) xoxo

amanda {the habit of being}

love the bright socks you're working on in that last picture!


Loving the socks as always. Thanks for sharing the blogs, I think I shall add them to my reader now.

Annie @ knitsofacto

That Hitchhiker is fabulous!

New blogs, no, but I've been rediscovering an old favourite, Asplund Knits :)


I love that hitchhiker! I really need to look into making one.. I have too many things in my queue anyway :P

Thanks for mentioning me! I'm glad to know that someone likes my blog ^^


I just love the colours in your hitchhiker! So soft and soothing.


Would it surprise you that I have been singing the theme tune to the 80's cartoon Thundercats for the past couple of days? No, me neither! Great knitting as always and I'm happy your yarn is working out for you!! :)


Oh hooray! More stripy socks! You are working with a lot of color right now, has it been dark and rainy in your corner of the world? I hope you are well!


Ive been intrigued by kauni yar. And your hitch hiker may have been the final push needed to go get some :)
The socks are locely and wowza the wip pair are a gorgeous colour!


Although your blog is always my favorite, you always get to have me add a few ones to my blogroll! Have a wonderful weekend! Love the pics on this post!


The Kauni yarn looks so wonderful to work with. I haven't tried that yarn yet. Your Hitchhiker is so pretty. I smile b/c I know how much you love shawls and are able to whip them out. The socks are too cute! The colors are so fun and happy. The next project is spring. I hope you have been able to show off your socks when you wear them. You should create a display of them and use it for your header. Thank you for the blog recs. I will definitely check them out.

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