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Such a lovely pile of WIPS, especially the colorful socks. Good luck with your plan :)


Hmmm, my knitting basket is beginning to look a lot like yours now that I've discovered my new-found passion for sock knitting. You always have the most beautiful yarns and colors!


Awesome WIPs. I'm getting ready to cast on the Hitchhiker as well and at some point this year, my first pair of socks.

In the meantime, I love your finds. It's funny, I got my order for my rustic Aida this week to start some Christmas 2013 decoration stitching. Yeah, I'm starting early!!! LOLOL! I got hooked on stitching last summer. I can't wait to get the projects I'm starting soon done.

Glad you had a wonderful weekend. :D


great knitting projects! I love the ombre-effect hitchhiker : )


I see no problems here :) I hadn't seen that shawl pattern before. Now you have me thinking - as if I need another WIP!

It's only knitting. If you're enjoying yourself then just go with it. These pics are both inspiring and a bit taunting - I love all the colors and textures.


I think the biggest question is how many sock needles do you have? I find my WIPs are partially decided by how many needles I have. Unless I get impatient and buy some more...


happy sunday andi!

love andee's leaves...beautiful!!!!

i sent the coaster link to my mom since she crochets & i do not~
one reason i love your sunday post especially the links, are the wonderful place & people you introduce us to~ what a beautiful work space jared has!

i too, have a few stitching projects that are waiting to be finished~ i've often wondered why i enjoy starting projects but lack the motivation to finish them~

thanks for sharing cute babies, beautiful knitting & inspiration people! i hope you have a wonderful week andi!




All these WIPs sure makes for an interesting blog! It's all beautiful! And you always have FOs so it's really ok! Have a great Sunday!


That blackwork is impressive as is Andee's LoG. It was part of the push I needed to pick mine back up. I am now working on Chart D and have (high) hope of finishing it by my birthday. I must agree that it is a big pile of WIPs. I tend to have a lot too, but try to keep only one per genre (sock, shawl, sweater, etc). I am so itchy to cast on a few more things, but I must stay focus on my Leaves. I love all you socks. And those shawls - oh my!


It is always amazing how many things we have on the go at the same time lol. I keep making fingerless mittens and it is summer here so a few gifts ready for others ☺☺
Always love your crafts on the needles.


Thank you for sharing the blog links (as well as the link to my coasters too!)! I fall in love with Andee's blog, Pretty Little Fiber and Little Labyrinth!
Love all your socks as always too!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Yup, I think that might qualify as a WIP addiction ;) I am trying WIP monogamy on for size ... I might actually finish something!

Thanks for all the great links :D


Good grief that stitching is impressive. As is the leaves. Love your wip pile... always good to have choices :)


Beautiful projects! Thanks for sharing the finds in the internet. We are having a snow storm here. With this blizzard I wish that it wasn't Monday tomorrow. I have to wake up so early.
Have a great week ahead!


I love the colour in the start of that first shawl. Really pretty. So flattered you liked my little blog, too, thank you! :)


I think the problem is your yarn. it is too beautiful and needs to be knitted. ;-)


I know the feel... I just recently came down hard from a startitis high and it was a rough landing..... :P At the moment I have only one pair of 2.5mm needles (I only use this size for socks for some reason) and now I can only have 1 sock wip :P

(ps. I forget to press 'post' everytime I try to place a comment. Oops)


I love the pink, yellow, purple socks. They make me think of Spring and Easter eggs. I started my first hitchhiker but decided to knit it in Classic Elite's Liberty wool. I love the way the garter stich looks but it's just not big enough with the 3 skeins I purchased. The pattern calls for a sock yarn with 500 yds. Do you think it would be big enough with 380 yds of Madeline Tosh Lite or should I use the "Anne" Shafer Yarn I've been saving for years? Decisions, decisions.


What lovely photos of such lovely colors. But, 5 socks??? You are crazy! ;)
Thanks for inspiring me to march over to ravelry and add to my favorites with that NoFa Shawl. So pretty! I agree with you about the stitching coming back in. Ruth from My Little Leprechauns stitches up some lovely things and she briefly inspired me last spring to pick some of mine back up, but sadly I only like stitching on tiny little linen and my 50 year old eyes just don't like it. I should commit to working on it during my lunch break when I have daylight hours.
Good luck with all that lovelyness happening at your house this week. Truly gorgeous stuff happening.

Mr. Puffy

I am feeling very virtuous lately and have finished up several projects but I'm feeling the pull of casting on and your hitchhiker scarfs (particularly that cream color) are tempting me! I can not get over how gorgeous that Leaves of grass shawl is and what terrific pictures. Just wow! Have a great week Andi xoxox


I am so excited to have found such new and beautiful inspiration!!! I am looking forward to all your lovely projects! I will find you on ravelry:) I just learned to knit one year ago, in January! I made it my resolution:) and a great one it was! I cant wait to try socks after seeing all of yours! They look intimidating!!! Yours are all beautiful!:)

CJ @ Knitworked Yarns

Ohmygoodness... TWO hitchhikers!? I cast on my first one this past summer and I've barely made a dent in it! hahah. Like you though, I have a tendency to have multiple projects on the go. I kind of like it though, whenever I get bored or frustrated with one, I can move on to another. HI get the "look" from hubby though when I start a NEW project once getting bored/frustrated (hehe).


Those socks are making me so envious.. I only have two pairs on the needles right now!


Great socks as always!! I've been tempted to knit a hitchhiker so may start one after I finish the cardigan I am designing. Have a great week!!


LOL, five pairs of socks on the needles? You are so funny. And my gosh, two shawls? At least you're having a delightful time working on them. Each yarn is wonderful.
I especially loved the circular shawl feature. What a protective comfort that shawl is. I love the whole idea of being able to wrap it around oneself.

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