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I have also really enjoyed getting to know you, Andi. You are a wonderful person and never fail to inspire me. I always love seeing the beautiful projects that you are working on and look forward to what this next year will bring!


Happy Bloggerversary Andi!!! It's wonderful to have connected with you too. Cheers for many more years!!!!

If I won those beauties I'd do a "twin-set". My mom is coming to stay with me for a few months later this year and when she comes I always like to make her or give her something that I have as well. If I won these pretties, I'd make two "Age of Brass & Steam" shawlettes -- one for me and one for her.


Happy Birthday to your blog! I too love blog land and also keep the blog going even though so many stopped after Ravelry came to town.
I always enjoy reading your blog and seeing what beautiful projects you are working on. If I won that heavenly Madeline Tosh, I would make another Summer Flies Shawl as that is one of my most favorite shawl patterns.


Happy Birthday blog...I need to celebrate my blogs birthday. I dont even know when it is!? I am thinking a shawl...Not sure which one I am learning knit lace right now on craftsy. I crochet like crazy so maybe a crochet seraphina...I love madeline tosh.


Thanks Andi!


Three years???? Seems like yesterday! Happy St. Paddy's day my friend and Happy Birthday Blog!

I have never heard of madelinetosh until this week! (do I live in cave????) I ordered the tiny tea leaves cardi pattern this morning for the littles! Also saw some beautiful yarn over at wee pleasures from madelinetosh.

hmmmmmmm I would make a shawl I think...what has your needles clicking?




I just recently discovered your blog! Happy blogaversary....

I would love to knit a shawl with this. I have one in my stack of patterns (to be knit) that it would be perfect for!

My blog is: http://linda-lifeasiknowit.blogspot.com/

Thank you so much for doing this...
Linda in VA


Happy birthday to you blog Andi!! What a marvelous thing it has been for so many. You are indeed a source of inspiration.
Hope to see more crochet projects in the future as well. I still have not learned how to knit. I failed to keep that promise to myself. I look forward to see all the lovely things you make that I admire so much. Oh... I think this yarn would make lovely crochet wrist warmers.


Happy blogiversary Andi! I enjoy every visit I make and I'll keep coming back as long as you keep this blog alive. :-)

If I win this lovely yarn I'll probably knit a lacey shawl for myself, cuz I love green!

Monita on Ravelry


Happy birthdays your blog!--always enjoy your posts! I'd love to knit one of my little boys a sweater in that fabulous shade of green!


Thank you for your blog, I enjoy it! I love Madelinetosh, and would definitely knit a shawl.
Ravelry I'd: sarahwiggin


Hello Andi, and happy 3rd birthday for your blog! I am usually content to just read about what you've knit and look at the pretty pictures, but this time, I couldn't resist! So I decided to come out of hiding for your lovely giveaway.

Hmm, what would I knit with this luscious yarn...? Well, I'm starting to experiment with knitting my own designs, so I'd probably try to make create original with it that would show off its best qualities. That would be the plan, anyway. :-)

Thanks and take care,


Oh the excitement I can't stand it! Happy Birthday to your blog! That yarn is Toshastic hee hee. If I won I would get that yarn on my needles so fast to make a Kleio. Since seeing yours I knew I had to make one. If there isn't enough yarn for one I'll use it for a Betsy Hat by Jane Richmond and some fingerless mitts if there is any left over. Oh was that the wrong answer. Hold on I'll take that back. I will make socks. Lots and lots of socks :)


Ho'omaka'i!!! Three years old? How fantastic. I am so happy to have discovered your beautiful blog and awesome you.
What to make? OMGosh. I think a shawlette as I love green and Jade is part of my Chinese name.


Happy anniversary! Wow 3 years, that's amazing.

I would love to make mittens and a cowl with the yarn, to wear while biking through Copenhagen when the spring arrives.

Heidi/ wool-rocks.com


Happy Blogiversary!!! Thanks for all the knitty inspiration you share here :) I've never used Madeline Tosh (I know, I must be the only person.) But that would make a gorgeous shawl...or perhaps a shawlette and coordinating socks???

I haven't updated my blog in a year, yikes! But here's my ravelry link: http://www.ravelry.com/people/snippetsandstash


Happy blogday Andi- So happy you are part of my "blog reading list". Feeling inspired & uplifted when I visit here. Love the beautiful colors of the skeins...looks like moss or lichen- don't count me for the drawing since my hands hurt...good luck to the "lucky" winner.

Stitched Together

How sad that someone entered a contest when they didn't want the prize. I can understand people doing that for high value prizes such as a car, but yarn makes no sense.

I would knit another version of my Refraction shawlette (http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Stitched-Together/coral-refraction). Maybe a slightly bigger one.


Happy birthday for your blog.I just started my own a few weeks ago. It's really nice that you have been blogging for so long.
The color of that yarn looks amazing. I could see it as a scarf. Maybe a stockholm scarf from knittedbliss.
I don't know if you also ship to europe, since I live in the Netherlands. If you don't I completly understand.
Just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog. So much inspiration.



What a gorgeous shade of green. It's so pretty I would probably make something just for me. :-)

Happy blog anniversary!



Happy Blogaversery Andi! I can't believe your blog is 3 years old, mine is close to that too I think... I don't count much. I can't wait to read more from you this coming year.

If I won this yarn, hmmmm I think I'd attempt a lacy-style scarf for cowl, since it is a light yarn. Something green would be lovely to have, as I don't have many green items!


Happy anniversary!!! You have a beautiful blog and I do believe my name links up to my blog :)


Beautiful and like so many others I would make a shawl but goodness knows it could take me a while as I am still working on a seraphina from last year lol.
Happy blogversary xo


Happy Blog Birthday! Gosh what would I make? Not that I need another one, but there is a shawl I have been eyeing recently....my blog is www.grannydani.blogspot.com


Happy third blog birthday, Andi! I am always happy when a new post pops up; your blog is definitely a favorite.

That yarn is gorgeous! If it came to live at my house it would definitely become a shawl.

Here's to a great blogging year ahead!


Happy Blogiversary Andi! Your blog has been an inspiration to me since the beginning.
I never celebrate my blogiversaries... Mine turned 2 last month, but I did nothing. Next year, I promise I will do something :)
If I win this beautiful yarn, it would become a shawl, probably a Laminaria :)

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