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I can't wait to join the sock making ranks! Beautiful colours that you're working on and thanks so much for the links.


I've noticed a lot of "sock talk" as we'll! Perhaps a casual KAL is in order? Thanks for sharing your favorite patterns. I'm always looking for new sock staples.

I usually buy yarn specifically for large projects, but my sock yarn stash is 99% impulse buys! They find their destiny organically. ;)


i love all your sock yarn and how much progress you make on your stash. i can't wait - cannot wait - to see those pink Goth Socks all knit up.


I need to start some socks but for now I'm working on a sweater and a huge circular pi shawl in laceweight. Once the laceweight is off the needles...maybe socks will be on!! Lovely colors and colorways!!


YAY for more socks. Who cares what season, I wear my wool socks in the summer when they can be shown off more because I'm not wearing long pants. Maybe that makes me crazy haha.


oooh more socks lol love them!!
Don't you just hate when spam takes over....
I can't stop buying sock yarn but yet to get on the needles,
keep crocheting instead lol


Love the colorful yarn...neat to hear that socks was your first "love",perfect song.


Socks were the first thing you learned to knit? Wow, I'm really impressed! Why question your love for socks? They make you happy, that's all that matters! Now you've made me want to start a pair as well! Perhaps something striped to be in good company with you.


I too love socks. And I too live in AZ which is hard to explain. Ahhh perpetual wool weather would be nice. Love the monkey pattern and I have the Hermione one on my knitting list. Love, love, love your socks.


I would be worried if I don't see a sock WIP from you! They make you happy; they make my day when you post pics. I got the bug - beginner stage. I'm knitting my first pair!! I will dedicate the FO to you :-)

All the best, my friend!


Sock Knitter Unite! I don't think you are a crazy sock knitter at all. I think people who don't knit socks are the crazy ones.


Sock yarn is my favorite kind to buy :D I have two pairs of socks on the needles right now, and want more!


you pick the very bestest yarn my friend! i took some time and went to jared flood's blog....oh la la what beautiful knits! that is the cutest little bowl/cup in the first picture holding your yarn~ i've also seen a teapot being used with the yarn coming out the spout...how cute & fun that would be!
we're having a winter storm tonight & tomorrow, come on over,knit & drink tea with me!


Annie @ knitsofacto

Do you know I almost find myself thinking 'I should knit some socks', almost ... if only one didn't always need to knit two!

Lovely links to follow Andi, thank you :)


I came to sock knitting relatively late in my knitting adventures, but I've fallen for it in a big way! I love the yarn that you use - always such bright, cheerful colors.

P.S. is that a Chinese yarn bowl in your first picture?


Ha, why wóuldn't you knit socks ? I mean, what's more tempting than a ball/skein of scrumptious sock yarn ?
One thing I keep wondering about though..; what kind of shoes do you wear ? Personally I love sock yarn, too, but I only happen to go round on 'boots', and often feel I'm not really doing said sock yarn justice...


Seriously! Maybe it's just that the blogs I'm reading right now all seem to be focusing on socks, but I have an urge to knit some socks too.


Thank you for the mention, Andi! I just finished my socks and was even more "fretful" during the second one than the first. There is something satisfying, however, about finishing a pair.

What better thing to do than cast on another pair - coming here just got me re-inspired!


I love how you're a devoted sock knitter and find comfort in knitting them.


The reason I learned to knit 6 or 7 years ago was for the sole reason of knitting socks. I love hand-knit socks. I love your posts about socks. I love your pictures.


I am starting to be completely obsessed with knitting socks. Good think I have three kids who love wool socks... And a husband with huge feet...


I am such a sock knitter. We have long winters up here, but I wear socks year-round (a cold office and camping carrying my socks through the summer). I love the variety of patterns and colours that socks open up to me, plus they are so convenient as carry-around knitting.

Some of my favourite sock yarns include: Fleece Artist BFL Sock, SweetGeorgia Tough Love Sock, and Indigodragonfly Merino Sock.

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