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Wow Andi, it looks great! I like how you finished this without a 3rd pesky braid. These colours are gorgeous together. It turned out beautifully. X


Fighting aside- this is such a beautiful shawwl. Love the color combinations of the rose and brown. Just lovely.


It is really beautiful. I do this often on the treadmill.


Such an amazing shawl, Andi, and so you!


Lovely! Sorry to hear about your braids issues, those things look like bears. I have never knitted them, but I will watch out for them in the future.


Absolute correct decision. Knitting is the one thing we're suppose to do the way we want. Now you've made it an original. Great color combo!


Whew, those braids do look like a challenge. But those two colors together, gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! I don't usually like pink anything, but that pink with the other color together, amazing! I think that it was worth the frustration, it is so pretty!

Sherry - Pinkknitter

Knitting is supposed to be for enjoyment, so making mods to make it more enjoyable is the perfect answer. Your shawl is so lovely! Using the coveted yarn was an excellent decision too~


you did it! it's beautiful. enjoy the shawl!

ps - it wasn't whining :)


Oh it looks beautiful!

Stitched Together

That yarn is delicious! I've never done a Latvian Braid. I like the effect though. I think it is easy to forget that when we buy a pattern we don't have to do what the designer tells us. We only have to do what they tell us if we want a copy of what they designed. Sometimes it is better to use a pattern as a starting point and see where you end up.


You have done what all knitters should do. You decided to enjoy your knitting. I say, "good for you!"


Um. I posted a comment and I think it got lost! I'll try again, if this sounds familiar delete one of them. Love the modifications and the colors are beautiful together. I change patterns to suit my tastes too.


regardless its a really pretty shawl.

I think it's better to finish something than leave it sitting somewhere because you don't want to do a certain pattern element.


Beautiful! I think this is gorgeous just as it is, and you are supposed to enjoy the experience of knitting, even if you're a product knitter.


The shawl is gorgeous. And you are quite right of course. You should knit the version you want to knit. And it's not like you didn't do two braids! ;-)


Love your color combo! Pink and brown is one of my favorite. Very lovely pattern by the way. :)


You're a stronger woman than I! If I'd made two braids already I'd be too guilty not to do the third as well. I love the yarn you used too! MadTosh has the most wonderful colors.

harmony and rosie

Well done for coming out the right side of it! I love our shawl, it is so pretty and those colours are amazing!


Your shawl looks absolutely lovely! Those colours, that pretty knit (and those braids!.... I must try one, just because).


it's beautiful! it looks so soft and yummie :D


Making more beautiful things Andi!! Looks so gentle to the touch!

CJ @ Knitworked Yarns

Whichever way you do it, what you did looks beautiful! I love those colours together!


Very beautiful shawl! The colors go very well together. What a deception when a bad part is discovered into a pattern after wanting to knit it so much. It happened to me with the Business Casuals when I realized all the cables included. Fortulately, it turns out to not be so tedious! This is a beautiful project you made... again! New blog layout too?

Annie @ knitsofacto

Gosh Andi, it's gorgeous! Beautiful colours and I like the braids with your alternative edging. I just ordered some yarn to knit one myself ... another WIP and all your fault ;)

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