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SO many beautiful shawls today Andi- I wouldn't know where to start!
I love the one you are knitting- pretty colors and pattern.
Thanks for all the fun links!
Happy Sunday :)


mmm...i love your stripe-y knitting. and thanks for the great links. such sweet projects.


Lovely!!! I need a new project!!! Just finished up some fingerless gloves..I think I may do the honey cowl now! Thanks for the links! have a nice afternoon:)


The cables on Cadence make me go a little bit cross-eyed trying to follow them! I may just have to go through my sock yarn stash later today. Where on Ravelry is the KAL taking place?


Oh such wonderful links! So much fiber goodness in all of them. I love the shawl you are making. I have it in my favs and hopefully I'll make one someday too.


Your Cadences are looking so gorgeous already! I just wound my yarn... yippee!


Cameo is looking great - you're at the home stretch. And Cadence will be great.


Knitting Cameo is a great suggestion, it is a lot less intimidating than Color Affection and just as pretty. I think I would be concerned if you turned down a chance to knit socks.


Beautiful WIPS and I love your "loves" series. Introduces me to lots of new, delightful crafters and awesome patterns.


OHH, thanks for all the blog suggestions (cause thats all I need is more blogs to read!). I love your shawl! I love stripes but am not a fan of color affection, another stripey shawl that is similar that I love is "Assante" :http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/assante


Hurray for guilt-free knitting! That is how knitting should be. I'm looking forward to finishing deadline knitting so I can start in on my own guilt-free knitting.

And thanks for the shout-out!


i love your knitting (oh the pink sock!), your suggestions and your links my dear. off to follow them all right now!

Joey Botes (Little Black Dog SA)

Your Cameo shawl is stunning. I also love the colour on the cable socks, I could easily wear those just about every day, they are so very pretty!


I love when you post links! Gives me more new lovely blogs to check out (and thank you, you are so sweet to link to me).
I have been toying with the idea of starting another shawl myself and the color affection definately caught my eye... and then I remember my plans for socks and cardis and baby clothes and on and on. Haha. Why can't I knit faster?!


I love the shawl and now have it in my queue! For one day soon. Love the stripes the best. Thanks for your kind words about my pi shawl, I am loving that knit every day!!


Sold! I am trying to finish up a Color Affection which I now realize, the colors will not work for the intended. I have this in my cart and queue ... have paypal, will pay for a second try. Yours looks lovely Andi, thanks for the inspiration!


I love that gorgeous peachy color for the socks! I've been eyeing that pattern for a while, perhaps I should join..


Oohhh! Cameo is pretty!! Thank you for giving me a good reason to buy an excessive amount of fiber for this years tour de fleece.. I'm going to spin yarn for this.... *drool*

Mr. Puffy

My jaw is literally hanging open at all the beautiful knitting going on!!!! I've fallen out of the habit of reading blogs and now I want to read them all and CO a zillion projects ~ including a Cameo shawl :)


Love that peachy sock color! What is it?


What yarn are you using for your socks? I'm in love with the color!
Cameo is definitely on my list! I had a hard time with the Color Affection Shawl but just can't have enough stripes!


i loved them all, but oh those littles! how sweet~

i'm working on my first shawl through a kal~ it was a bit of a challenge but it did bring me right out of my comfort zone...lol... i am of course, behind, but then you already knew that didn't ya

hope you're having a great week my friend~




Oh boy, do your suggestions give a gal the wanties... ;)
Both Cameo and Cadende look lovely !


You are so patient. I am having a good time knitting my shawl. I will remember your beautiful outcomes if I get anxious or impatient.


After all the knitting I have done i have never joined in to the adventures of socks! I am dying too!! You may have given me the final push!!

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