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Now that I have started spinning, I have been much in the market for dyed roving. I found one of my favorites (Frabjous Fibers) by browsing the fiber selection at a physical store. I found my other favorite (Etsy seller SpunRightRound) just by browsing Etsy for hand-dyed roving.

There is so much amazing work being done out there by indie dyers, you really can't go wrong!


love the colors you showcased! thanks for the list of your faves too. i'm not visiting them while i'm in my garment craze, but as soon as it's over - i'm there :)


Thank you for the wonderful Indie yarns post!! I'm bookmarking these links to visit soon.


Thank you friend for this great post! Love your picks and your approach of waiting for the yarn to call you. You are a rock/stah star!!


You have marvelous taste in yarn Andi. I only a humble amount of crochet but would love to use some of those soft and heavenly yarns. You are such a good soul to work on making this list and presenting all the information. Hugs for you!!


thank you, Andi :)


I am also addicted to knitting with hand painted yarn. This hobby got so expensive that I started spinning and hand painting my own yarn, and I tell ya, this has turned into even more addiction! Since I have a huge stash of my own yarn, I love sharing it with others. You can check it out here:

If this is too much self promotion, please delete this post! If not, have fun drooling over the colors!


What beauties! Thanks for the tips.


Thanks for sharing you favorite dyers. I planned to try woolen rabbit this fall for some of her pumpkin colored sock yarn. I enjoy looking on etsy, etc but I can't go too far down the rabbit hole if you get my meaning. People talk about their stash but I'm starting to think they might mean 20 skeins and not the hundreds I own. Peeking at all your lovelies is sometimes enough for me. See all the good that you do!


I'm with you about the shop updates - I have found some great indie dyers at conventions, etc. Why join the scrum for the yarn everyone else has? I only knew 2 of the names on your list, so thanks!


I have a great love for the indies as well, especially since I started my blog & discovered all the gorgeous yarn on Etsy. My latest obsession is Dragonfly Fibers (dragonflyfibers.com), and their Djinni Sock. It's so yum. You would love it, Andi. ;)


When i'm feeling sad or having a bad day at work, I will quite often go to etsy and drool over all the pretty yarns.

I haven't really had a bad experience with indie dyers. If only I had an endless stream of yarn money to spend.


Your fingering weight collection is fantastic! I'm drooling and so green. I Pin'd this post so I have reference. I want to try more Indie dyers too in the future.


You have great taste in yarn. They look gorgeous!!

I'm just glad that there are some great NZ indie dyers who match the pretties I see on your screen.


I have a yarn policy that I try really hard to stick to...knit only from the stash...buy no new yarn. Reading this post has made this a very tenuous policy!


well well well, you have now given me yet another place to spend money! I am off to check them all out later this afternoon :)


Ohh this is so interesting, you've such a delicate taste for colours and shades. I've already added a couple of the shops you linked to my favourites, will keep an eye on them ;)


I love yarn. All yarn :)


Great post! Some of your favorites I am familiar with, but it's always fun to find new dyers... I follow your approach to "it" yarns... and wait for the frenzy to die down before I try them, there are always other creative dyers to support! One of my all time favorite indie dyers is Danni of Sunshine Yarns http://www.sunshineyarns.com/ Her yarns were one of the first indie yarns I ever knit with, and are still a tried and true favorite!


I love Cakewalk yarns (Oh, the colors!) and I'm mad about Toil and Trouble (both on Etsy! I seriously love Etsy.) Your indie dyed yarn is beautiful and envy-inspiring.


Hi Andi, Love your blog! Curious if you'd be interested in writing for Craftsy's knitting blog (http://www.craftsy.com/blog/knitting/)? Hope to hear from you, my email address is included here.


Maybe I'm just too loyal to my LYS, but I still haven't purchased from an Indie Dyer, despite my constant desire. My stash has to go down first though.


Andi! Thank you so much for including my shop in your list of indie dyers! I'm always happy to find a happy knitter at the other end of the yarn. :)



wow that's awesome! you always pick the prettiest colors and yarns......my wallet doesn't like this post at all ;)


love when you take me shopping! i just received some madelinetosh in graphite ( a beautiful gray ) to make handwarmers for the mama of one of the littles. i can hardly wait to cast on!
wishing you a wonderful week andi~



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