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Love the projects that make up your shawl-a-palooza! Can't wait to see them finished.

Now I can't get that song out of my head! LOLOL! I loved that show so much, on my first trip to Chicago in 2009 I had to have dinner at the Reagel Beagel! Good thing I did, it closed almost a year later.

Happy Sunday!




Oh so many beautiful projects! I have a Quill on my needles. Other than that I have been doing test knits and I don't get to share them until late in the fall after the patterns are published :( I wish I could share them now. I bought yarn for a Cameo. I think it is up next on my needles!


Three thoughts:

1. Omg Swallowtail has grown! Gorgeous!
2. I love all the shawl activity in this post. The pink Woodlands really speaks to me.
And 3 - I predict a sock post from you next week :)


It's funny because I saw an episode of Three's Company last week and it had been years! I love that show! Beautiful shawls on the go!


The yarn that you used in Line Break is amazing. I almost touched the computer screen just to touch the yarn.

I popped over to the Savannahchik you shared. As I scrolled through the post I noticed that there was one of my pictures on it! The Smaug socks were designed by a friend and previous coworker. She liked my picture of the socks, so she put it up as the first image for the pattern. I've started to see that picture traveling around, which has been fun.


I've got the 'wants' now!!!! I only have one shawl on the needles! withdrawal!


Wow! Impressive!
How do you keep track of where your are in the pattern(s)?


Wow! Impressive!
How do you keep track of where your are in the pattern(s)?


It's okay - you are just on a roll. Getting carried away is a good thing. I love looking at your pretty yarn and great projects - swallowtail is such a classic - I've been eyeing that one since the magazine was published!


Way to go Andi! I cannot pick a favorite; they are all looking great. Have a nice week my friend...and cast on some more if your heart feels so:-)


It amazes me that you can work in so many shawls at the same time. They are beautiful! Oh, you brought back memories with that video of Three's company. A good slice of my life passed in front of my eyes. I used to watch that years ago. Happy knitting!! Thank you!


Ha! It must be the weather. I have faved probably a dozen shawls on Ravelry this week alone. It's crazy, because it's too hot to wear any of them, but a girl can dream..


So how does this work, knitting multiple things at the same time and still managing to finish items? I am not a monogamous knitter by nature and I find that because of that, it takes a really long time to get anything done. But you seem to finish projects fairly frequently.

Your shawls are lovely. I've been wanting to try Skein for a while.


The green cameo will be soo pretty. Have been admiring the skein yarn. And your description of it is egging me on ;)


Love Three's Company theme song!

And love the shawls too. Kind of jealous as I wish I had enough knitting time to work on a shawl. Kind of excited when I get to weave in ends these days.


I'm in the same spot - I think I CO for maybe 4 or 5 shawls at once a few weeks back. It's hard to resist! :D
They all look lovely!


gosh, I visit here and then have an incredible desire to cast on! Lovely!! I am down to one shawl and felt happy before, now I think I need to rummage around my stash and cast on :)


Lots and lots of shawls! I have one on my needles...it's been there since last August. I am a very slow shawl knitter. But I love your green one and your last one. All of them have such great potential.

Caffeine Girl

What is about shawls? They are so addictive. I keep saying I'm going to take a break from them, but then I see one (or more!) that I have to knit!

Love your sense of color.

Annie @ knitsofacto

Shawls rule! Truly I could happily knit nothing but shawls for ever and ever. Loving all of these :)


You know, we must be singing from the same songsheet as I'm about to cast on for a shawl. I also have socks on the go, too.

I think that they are just such satisfying knits. Plus, they make the perfect gift. I mean, we all need socks and shawls are just such handy and versatile accessories.


So many lovely shawls! The pink is divine.


I'm getting shawl obsessed now too. I think it must be the summer weather that's doing it to me. I want every gorgeous lacey delicate bit of froth I see on Ravelry, and I want it now! Immediately! Yesterday! Too bad knitting is the opposite of instant gratification :P


As long as you can knit them, why not cast on!? I love them all.

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