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October's my favourite month and that's because it's also my birthday month. :P I also celebrate for the entire month; it's good to know that I'm in great company with doing that.

Here's to a wonderful September for you and Happy Birthday month!!!!


My favorite month would probably be December, because of Christmas :)
Happy Birthmonth Andi! :)
Love your beautiful shawl


we're birthday buddies, Andi!

September is also my favorite month ~ it meant back to school (which I looked forward to all summer throughout my school years), birthday celebrations, the beginning of football season and greeting Autumn, my favorite season

happy birthday month, Andi :)


happy birthday month my friend! i love september & october & even november as long as it's fallish weather~

have you ever knit nutkin? it's one of my favorites!


hoping you are enjoying the holiday~




yay for the start of the birthday extravaganza! favorite month? hmm...maybe october because i love fall and that's when Rhinebeck is.

btw i love your pics of the shawl. that background (is it wallpaper? or maybe texture paint?) is such a great, mellow background for the colors in this shawl.


I love October. It love cooler weather and the colors of Fall. Your shawl looks beautiful. I love it. I keep saying I'm going to knit myself a pair of socks.....but it hasn't happened. All your yarn looks beautiful! I started making myself fireweed socks, but I didn't like the size I was doing so I turned them into a pocket :) I do have plans to cast on another pair one of these days.


Hurray for September, it's my birthday month too. And there are always lots of fiber fests, fall is in the air and lots of opportunities to snuggle in with knitting. Enjoy! My sock pattern recommendation for sock yarns with subtle color changes is Jaywalker (avail on Ravelry) it works well for those and is very comfortable


Another September baby here too. I like September too. the heralding of autumn. Cool, windswept days. Crunchy leaves underfoot, the smell of evening bonfires and roasting chestnuts. Snuggling indoors with mugs of hot chocolate and homemade soups and stews.

As for sock patterns, there's just too many to choose from.


September sista here!
The shawl is fantastic! Its stripes and points are striking.
Love your sock yarn. Haven't tried that indie dyer yet.


Happy birthday month, along with Melissa, it's mine too! September is really a great month and to now know I share it with so many wonderful women makes it even better.
I love the shawl, great colors and I love the stripes.


Most excellent idea- the whole month- happiest of birthdays to you Andi. September is a lovely month- however my favorite is May- I like spring...and am a spring baby. I love the shawl- levitating.


The best book, in my opinion, is Knitting Handpainted Socks. Even though the yarn isn't hand painted, it shows you how to pick patterns that go with the amount of variation you have - tonals, all over, long color repeats. Such an educational book. I actually used the book to figure out a pattern that was appropriate for some hand painted and then found a pattern in another book. A pattern I'd recommend: http://work-in-progress.typepad.com/work-in-progress/2013/02/relief-frog-fos.html


My favorite month is probably October, because fall is at it's peak then, and also because of Halloween! My second favorite month is March, because it' s my birthday month.

One of my favorite sock patterns is Crow's Feet by Linda Welch. I've knit it twice in STR, first in Nodding Violet, then in Azure Malachite. The Nodding Violet version is one of my favorite pairs of socks, and I wear them a lot. The Azure Malachite version is much wilder, but still nice.


Your Stratocaster Shawl is gorgeous, Andi!! beautiful yarn and pattern :) and yay for you birthday month!! :)

I think my favorite months are September (NFL and the beginning of autumn, swoon!), December (Christmas...), and February (because Valentine's Day and my birthday!)


This is also my favorite month! I am one of those geeks who loved school - and in my day school started in September! Today is my 40th wedding anniversary - Sept 1st! And I have one daughter born in September - another daughter's wedding anniversary - and two grandchildren born in September! Love the days - still long enough - warm in t he day time and cool at night....sigh...


September is my favourite month, and my birthday month, too. :) I do like February as well. I think I like those months of transition between seasons.

That shawl is so lovely, Andi!!


If I had known about that shawl, there's a good chance I would have picked it over the blue/green one I am making now. What a lovely design :) And what a lovely basket of yarns, you are such a good yarn picker!


Seeing your lovely basket of yarn inspired me to go though my stash, photograph, and catalogue it on ravelry. (Well, at least the amount that I'm willing to admit to having.)

I was thinking that the Skew pattern might work well with the socks that rock. I'm debating whether to knit the pattern with my own STR or some Tosh sock.


I do love September too! Autumn is coming and it's time to knit warm and cosy garments. Happy September to us all!


Your shawl is a beauty ! Makes me curious to the rest of the patterns too :)
Happy September to you !
Don't think I really have a favorite month, I enjoy the change of the seasons and tend to like each one. Though admitted, January and February are usually not too much favored because of their temps..
As for sock patterns.. jeez.. there are so many great ones.. I enjoyed the Ampersand ( http://www.ravelry.com/projects/poesie/ampersand ) and for striping yarn the Jaywalker ( http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/jaywalker ) is still on my wishlist.


Happy birthday!!! And thank you for testing that pattern for me as well!

I love anything fall-related, although to be honest, September is still usually too warm for me. I'm more of an October, or even November kinda gal. (Although I don't have a birthday to celebrate in September, so I can see why it'd be a favorite for you.) ;)


Happy Birthday month to you!!! I am also a September birthdayer. I love the idea of celebrating all month long too. :-)
You have inspired me to work on finishing as many objects as I can. I went through my stash and assigned projects to as many as a I can. I have a problem - I love starting a project but then start another, so I made a point of starting a bunch so that way maybe I can quell the temptation and each time I pick up a project to work on it, it will feel new again. Well, I can hope...
That being said I will have 15 finished objects when done!!! Yay!

Carla Lockwood

It's my birthday month too! Happy Birthday to us!


Can I pleaaaasse just dive into your basket of sock yarn!!! oh pretty please :) My favorite months are October and December! I love fal & winter, the best for knitting!!!!!! Happy Happy Happy Birthmonth!


happy birthday!!! If you ever have trouble deciding what to knit, send that lovely yarn to me and I will shoulder that burden ;)

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