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Beautiful loves this week Andi! It's always such a pleasure to visit blogs that I might not be familiar with. Great inspiration.

Hope you continue to mend well; those winnings are a great start getting back to life without the ickies! Congrats!


so many great links to pour through! thank you for the sweet words about my post...and the only thing I'll take credit being a queen of, it's procrastination! lol...

I love the video...I was at a yarn show yesterday and Jane Richmond was there and her knits and book. I fondled all her samples and if I had brought a bigger bag, I might have stolen one away... they are amazing! and I was so overwhelmed by it all, I completely forgot to get the book~ have a good week!


Great post Andi and I love the yarn you won for socks .. .they will be awesome, as well as your sweaters :)

Anna E

Dipped into your blog selection, but definitely need to go and get some tea and chocolate and have a proper look. I particularly like the 'month of loves' idea. I might have to give it a go myself. As for the Breckon cardigan- aaargh! I have just embarked on a 4ply cardigan (Deco by Kate Davies) and even though it's taking ages to grow I think this one will have to be on the near horizon too- love, love, love it! Thanks (I think!) for bringing it to my attention (to say nothing of my too-long must knit list).

Rachael (@Needlecase)

Some lovely loves tucked into this post, thank you for sharing.


Just popped over via a link from Peacefully Knitting. I really love that bowl of yarn in beautiful autumn colours, definitely looking forward to reading through all the links and catching up with some of your older posts. I love blog-browsing!


dear andi, how i love all the sharing going on here, it's a big beautiful yet small world. i'm so glad to hear you are feeling better, you take good care okay? enjoy all your treasures and i will enjoy all these lovely links!


So many lovely things to see and places to visit Andi, thank you.
Congratulations on your wins and I am looking forward to seeing your Acer, it's a pattern I have been eyeing.

Donna @Allthingsming

Oy Vey how I am ever going to get any work done with all these lovelies!


What a score! That sock yarn is great for Halloween. Remind me of foaming gummy worms splattered with blood.


Another great journey from my lounge room...cheers to you and your kicked chest. I hope the horse got a punch on the nose. Best wishes.


Thank you for sharing your 'Soul food' with us! And thank you for linking to my blog, I'm happy you like the shawl :-)
Can't wait to see your Acer cardigan. It is such a lovely design!

Many hugs from rainy Edinburgh,


you must be one lucky knitter to be winning all that lovely stuff. Have fun knitting with that sock yarn, it's so pretty!

Annie @ knitsofacto

The kind of post to come back to with a coffee and half an hour to spend pursuing all the links. Thanks for sharing the love with us Andi x


Oh so much goodness here once again. Don't you love that video. I do. I am so excited that I am going to be getting one of the first copies of the book! I can't wait to cast on those socks!


Thanks for sharing. That yarn in the bowl on your first photo is just screaming FALL! I can't believe fall is actually here...
I also love the stuff you won, aren't blogger's the best?


Can't think of a better way to spend a Sunday. Lucky you on winning the giveaway. I'm sure you'll have fun rustling up more socks :)

Thank you for sharing some lovely blogs. Loved the video and the song. It helped to lift my mood xx


all the yarn looks so delicious! And I always love seeing what you're linking up around blogland, you find such loveliness, thanks for including my garlands this week :)


Fun post and great shares, Andi! By the way, do you know, I love checking out all your mugs? hehe. You have a great assortment!


The perfect trifecta! I have coffee, chocolate, and a knitting project within arms reach. Alas, I am at work - must wait until lunch.

I enjoyed your links. They were all new blogs to me.


Lucky you! Yummy coffee and chocolate too!


I have had the pattern for Acer since Jan 2012. Perhaps I should cast on too!


So glad to see the Breckon pattern! I finished mine summer before last, and it is my go-to sweater. Awesome pattern, and knits up really nicely. :)

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