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This blanket will be a beauty and full of love! I'm also knitting a little blanket. It is close to be done but I'm going today to my LYS to get an extra skein so that it is not too small! Always fun to go shopping for yarn even if it's for one skein only! Happy Sunday to you!


I can't wait to see the blanket F.O.; it's lovely already! I do agree, the community is definitely the best there is. I could go on about that forever!

I'm glad you're finding the perfect balance because I'm looking for it. Send it over here. Ideas are swirling in my head but my schedule refuses to cooperate! What's up with that?!!! LOLOL! I did get a chance to make some stitch markers ... as cute as they are ... that was it crafting wise last month.

This month and the next, I'm hoping to have some happy time with a baby blanket for a friend, some hats for myself, a mat for my kitchen and a cowl for my friend. I have plans ... let's see what happens! LOLOL!

Happy Sunday!


wow all those squares together are looking great! i hope you're feeling joy as you put it together too. you've done a great thing pulling together all these knitters to donate squares!


love the message on your tea! and that tiny desk concert with the avett bros is one of my fave tiny desk concerts ever.

the colors in your blanket are so soothing. perfect.


I have been Christmas knitting on a scarf my sister picked the yarn out for. What she doesn't know is she's getting a matching hat. Anyways, love the blanket - Ravelers really are the best people in the world. I know your friend will love it.


I only did two knitted gifts for Xmas this year. One for my sister and one for a friend in Texas. As always, I love your knitting! My question for you - how do you wear your shawls? Do you ever wear them "over" a jacket or a cardigan type sweater? I rarely wear coats - just like cardigans over a short-sleeve top in the winter. And I'm wondering if it would look odd to put a shawl over that cardigan? If it was a heavy enough shawl, I would just wear it in lieu of the cardigan! Hope I'm making sense in my question!

Linda in VA


That looks like a terrific blanket. You are a precious gem to put this blanket together for your friend. She will feel so loved.

melody (mandarine's)

I'm happy to know that you've found some time to play with your yarn :)
I've been thinking about yarn like crazy lately, and decided that it was time for me to start knitting a cardigan for myself!
I'm so excited about it.

I've been also listenning to some really cool knitting podcasts! It really helps me a lot while knitting (I always have to find something to do while I knit).

Wih you a lovely Sunday.

Anna E

That blanket is going to be beautiful! Truly knitters are lovely people- I had this reinforced this weekend, which I was lucky enough to spend on a 'Designers Retreat' with a number of friends whom I normally only get to communicate with online. It's nice when 'virtual' becomes 'actual' whether in blanket or people form :-)


I have been on your blog for 2 hours. I haven't left since I played the video. When it ended other videos popped up to pick and play. So I've been having a lovely little concert here at my desk as I work :) The blanket looks like it is coming together beautifully.


The blanket is just beautiful Andi and I hope it brings all the warmth and love it was made with to the soul who needs it. Thank you for putting the call out and including us in something that can help another.

I love you little row of tea bags, I am a huge chai fan and have been drinking it all day long. I like it with honey and vanilla soymilk.

I have started my Christmas knitting, but my problem is I keep finding new patterns and adding to my list, now I'm behind schedule ;)


:) :) :) i'll be back after the music (LOVE this one, must dance!)


The blanket looks wonderful - very pretty indeed. xxx


okay, that was fun, are they not the best?!
the blanket looks so pretty andi and i so agree about this amazing community we are so lucky to be a part of. tracey said it so beautifully, i can't wait for this to deliver it's woolly love.
can't wait to see your line break either, and good luck with the christmas knitting. i've just one project (i think) so hopefully it'll be finished in time. :)
have a great week ahead :)


beautiful blanket squares! I'm rather hopeful to be finishing a sweater by thanksgiving :)


The blanket is beautiful! I can't wait to see the final product.

I'm in full Christmas knitting production mode. I had a crazy thought about knitting socks for most of my gift recipients and I'm on my way with 3 finished pair, 1 in progress, and another 6 or so waiting in the wings. If I knit a pair each week until Christmas I'll make it!

Donna @Allthingsming

All Christmas and crocheting and knitting will be for the new nephew this year except for a pair of socks for one of my daughters. I need to get moving!

The blanket is just awesome!!!Your an angel !!



That blanket is looking magical. In the role playing language of my Man, it will definitely impart + 10 to health for the wearer with all those healing spells stitched in. There is not much happening on the knitting front here, lots of desire but lots of snotty illness gifts from the kids, gifts that just keep giving! Glad you are in the zone though.


Every year I say I'm not going to do any Christmas knitting. And every year I change my mind 3 weeks before. So I might be panicking alongside you.


This blanket is so beautiful. The colors, the motifs, everything is beautiful and delicate.


Trying to catch up with my friends. Swoon - I do love those brothers. oh, the knitting too (wink!)

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