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Beautiful FOs! Can't wait to see learn more about Line Break. Enjoy your Sunday my friend! Xoxo


Congrats winners!!!

Beautiful F.Os Andi and thanks for the video. Hope you're having a wonderful Sunday!!!


What a relaxed video. I love how she starts it with making her coffee.
Love, love your socks! I so want to go through your sock drawer and pull out a pair at a time to examine closely. The shawl is lovely too. Such calm colors.


congratulations everybody & thanks for hosting the giveaway, Andi :)


Show off. Those socks are gorgeous.

I can't wait to see more of the shawl. The colors are totally you.


Great socks. I really love the Hermione pattern. It is one of two patterned sock patterns that I've made more than one of, and I've used it for my beer coozies, too.


Three beautiful FOs, congratulations. Isn't that as Hermione pattern a cracker of a good sock pattern? I remember finishing my last pair on New Years Eve in Munich watching the fireworks last year.


I just keep drooling over that Melon Melody yarn.....love it! And the seaglass is very aptly named!

Amanda Keeys

Love those hermione's and your shawl. Gorgeousness.


I simply adore your Linebreak Andi, it's just stunning and I can see why you are proud of it.
I am knitting away on all my Christmas projects along with a cardigan for my grandfather, I just wish I didn't need sleep...or have to clean my home, I need more time to knit.

Jen Carr

I am in a knitting black hole. I can't seem to finish anything! I have a nephew arriving mid December and I have restarted his blanket 6 times. Anyone else in a rut? I think I'll go have a cookie.


Your new socks are adorable! And, I love the colorway of your new shawl. You are so productive! Have a great week!


congratulations everyone, i love that there will be some very happy knitters! you are lovely andi for hosting this giveaway.

LOVE your knits, LOVE. the socks are so cute, do you have a new pair to wear every day of the week? month? i really need to start making socks again. every time i see yours i think, get busy lolo. :)
and your shawl. love that too. i can't wait to hear (and see) more of it.
going to watch the video now :) thank you for sharing rosy!

Liz in Missouri, USA

Thank You again, Andi, for the opportunity to win the needles. Can't wait to give them a try!
I'm loving the bright colors on the socks - they feel very summery and light. :-) And the shawl - Well - what can be said but OOOHHHHHH PRETTY!


Lovely socks! I think the next pair I knit for myself will be Hermione's Everyday Socks.


Andi, the FOs look great. I have a feeling because of you, I'll always have a pair of socks on a set of needles from now on. And you know how to "sell" a pattern. I have seen the Line Break before, but wow it looks so dynamic in that color way. Laceweight in US 5s? Okay, I can do that ...


what great color sense you have!!! (i really must branch out from grey, don't you think?)


Woo go you, Andi!! Love your FOs!

Annie @ knitsofacto

That's how I knit my tabs ... what a wonderful way to illustrate how to do them :)


Lovely socks Andi :) I've always got a few things being knitted at the same time, can't bare to run out... have a beautiful pink silk snood I'm just about to finish, halfway though a wide silk scarf, a bag just about to come off the needles and daydreaming of the next project to start... The video is really lovely, thanks for sharing :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

I just realised I didn't comment on your lovely knits ... that shawl is gorgeous :D

Becky Walker

Would love to knit a scarf and maybe a matching ear warmer.

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