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Cute mini sweaters and a great scarf pattern.


well this wouldn't be "my sister's knitter" if you didn't have something on the needles for her too. pretty colors!


OMGosh those mini ganseys are adorable! <3!!
The rich wine scarf has lovely texture.


it was eighteen degrees yesterday in Seattle, Andi

your friends daughter needs that scarf this winter!!!

your wee sweaters are so adorable ~ I may have to make some of those when my gift knitting is finished (if it's ever finished!)


I did miniature sweaters years ago from the pattern in "Last Minute Knits". I used them as package toppers. Like you I always have left over sock yarn. I hope to make a pair of the sock earrings for my friend Jean in red. The is the month when I obsessively knit little extras to surprise people. Thankfully my major knitting is complete. Knitting all year and adding to the gift closet has stopped. me from traditional Christmas shopping. Any excuse to buy more yarn!


I am so deep into the holiday knitting I have convinced myself I'm on schedule and don't have to worry. Clearly a sign that holiday madness has set in :)

Every year I say I'm going to knit some ornaments and then every year I get too caught up in gift knitting. Maybe the solution is to knit them up in June and then tuck them away. Those little sweaters are adorable.


I was wondering why there weren't more projects before you shared the sneak peek of the secret knitting. But I am surprised that it didn't appear to be a sock. Do you not have any socks going on at the moment?!


Oh I loved that video!!!! It is amazing all the wonderful things knitting has brought into my life! Who would have ever imagined. Your projects look wonderful.


Absolutely adorable sweaters! And both scarf and mystery thing looks very interesting! ^.^


Always love your knitting Andi ☺ Me going crazy crocheting some mitten for males and girls. And yes last minute lol


I have NO knitted Christmas gifts on the needles this year! That was a promise to myself. But I find myself sweating under a pile of Christmas sewing. The resolution was clearly not thought out particularly well. Perhaps I will cast on for those wee sweaters just for the heck of it. They are so lovely.


I told myself that I wouldn't knit anything for christmas this year. I'm now onto my fourth holiday gift. Who was I kidding?!? I love your little sweater ornaments.


oh how cute are those little sweaters!!! love the little colorwork!


I'm knitting lots of Christmas decorations at the moment, first time I've done them and making feel all Christamssy :) Have a craft fair the weekend before Christmas! :)


I love love love those sweater ornaments!


I have one pair of socks to knit and then I'm ready. And if I do not get them knit in time, I'm wrapping them up in progress! Love the sweet sweaters, my mom used to knit sweaters for the tree!!


I love the sweater ornaments! super cute! I didn't think I would do so much christmas knitting myself but somehow it happened..


Love your tiny little "sweaters"! And thanks so much for giving me an idea of what to do with that hank of yarn that just didn't want "to be" anything! I started it just a little bit ago, using the pattern you are using for your scarf above. In fact, my yarn is almost the same color. Mine is sock yarn and it is still working out and looking quite good!

Linda in VA

Caffeine Girl

I love both the scarf at tiny sweaters. I've had that sweater pattern in my queue for ages. Maybe now I'll actually knit it!


Those tiny sweaters are really cute! I made a bunch of those as Christmas tree ornaments and gave them away as gifts one year. They were really popular.

Donna @Allthingsming

I am so behind on my knitting YIKES!!!!!For some reason i threw a baby shower at my home for my niece with 50 people last weekend...WHAT WAS I THINKING!! In December ...Thankfully we got a snow day today !!!

Love all your knits!! The scarf is fab!


Nancy Jean

Adorable ornament idea!


What lovely little ornaments. They will so cute on the tree. And you are such a great sister knitting the scarf for her friend :)

Annie @ knitsofacto

Happy to wait for the big reveal on the secret knit, but please tell me what the yarn you're using there is, it looks lush!

Love the sweet little sweaters :)


The ornaments are so cute!!! How do you knit such small sleeves?

The scarf is going to be gorgeous with these tiny cables!

Have a lovely weekend !

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