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I love how the video ended. hee hee. I love that the kid had loli pops in his yarn basket. Too cute.


Thank you so much for posting that video Andi - it was great and really made me smile!!! xxx


Well, what lovely WIPS. Life here is similar. Just happy to get in some knitting time on the weekends :) But I am actually working on socks! haha.


That made my day - I love MO, watch him all the time on food channel, thank you for sharing this great video, made me smile and realize how important knitting is in my life. I use mint tins, perfect for needful knitting tools.


The blanket's for charity, yeah? I love the look of your cardi so far. It has vintage written all over it. I use a Hello Kitty bag I had bought at my first STITCHES to store my notions. I just have to remember to put it in the right knitting bag I'd be working on currently at the moment. I love the cards idea. What a crafty one!


Oh and our exciting outing this weekend was to Costco, LOL. We're trying to cut down on our monthly food expenses so I told the husband we needed to utilize our Costco membership more. He was like this is the record but I told him I won't have to buy certain items every week for a while.


pomme looks gorgeous! i'll bet you can't wait to block it out. lace is so torturous that way.

the cards are awesome. i don't think i'd use them as cards either. maybe a triptych of them that you swap out with the seasons?


Those cards are fab - so beautiful. I keep my notions in a zip-top bag, but they end up all over the house... your tin is a great idea!


What a lovely video, so sweet. Talking of sweet, your tin is lovely too. What was in the Churchmouse one?


awwww, that video is so sweet! love the little guy had a box of goldfish by his side & suckers in his basket...a guy after my own heart!

your little chocolate box is adorable~ i need to find a more appropriate size that i can take with me....i use a plastic shoe box...lol

i'm loving those little rings,too cute! your wips are coming along nicely~

i don't blame you one bit for framing those lovely cards~what a sweet sweet gift!
wishing you a wonderful week andi!




Loved the video and the little boy knitter ... adorable with his lolipops!

The cards you received are totally frame worthy; I don't think I would have been able to let them go either.

Happy Sunday.


I love your cards! And your knitting is always lovely.
I store my little knitting accessories in a tin mints container and all my extra supplies in an old metal fishing tackle box [never used] that I picked up one day while antiquing.
Have a great Sunday!


That video is great! Thank you for sharing it.


no socks!? andi! loved peeking in your little tin, different tools are a favorite! your sweater is going to be SO pretty!


Hi there, I love your blog and lovely photos. Thank you for sharing your projects and the storage tin. I must find one of those for myself. Currently I use a small snap shut purse for traveling but its getting a bit worn and grubby ( it has a cardboard lining so not going to come out of the wash looking great). Gorgeous detail on those cards. Really enjoyed the video even though I have no idea who that radio guy is...


I hope you got some R and R this weekend - sounds like you had a crazy busy week!

I put clasps on THAT project this weekend and now I can't wait to see it on a real live person!


Wouldn't you believe it. The Pomme de Pin is the cardi I've been thinking about doing as my ravellenic project. I already have the yarn. (Some Cephalopod Bugga! in Nebraska Conehead) The only thing that is kind of stopping me is that I know for sure that I can't knit that much in the two weeks. So do I choose a project that I know I can't finish in the allotted time, or do I just knit it anyways because I want it?

Also, your segue from lack of sock knitting to showing off your toolbox made me giggle. And I love how cheerful your toolbox looks.


I love to use tins and tiny zip fabric bags (that my sister made for me) in various sizes to organize my "stuff". I'm always switching out totes and Namaste Bags to suit my mood :)


Oh I so want to knit a pomme de pin cardigan. I don't know why I haven't cast on yet. Like you, I spent the weekend relaxing with my knitting - at the expense of some tidying I've been putting off. One more week of clutter isn't going to matter in the long run.


I'm glad to see the stitch markers made it to your notions tin! I am one for pencil cases, though I have a lot of different notion bags and cases. The thing missing right now from all of them is portable scissors. It's driving me nuts! I will have to dig around and reclaim them the next weekend. :) Can't wait to watch that cardi grow.


so many lovely things!! Your little owl box, your pomme de pin!!, your notions box... I love them!! I love the little pie slice stitch marker..so cute!!


Such beautiful cards Andi,
i completely understand that you rather want to frame them than to use them!!
I love knitting socks, i knitted so many pairs before Christmas and i have just started a new pair again this week. I am curious, do you have a favourite sock pattern?

I am going to watch that video now : )



Those cards are lovely!!

Obviously you're enjoying knitting the Pomme de pin. I have a cardigan I started but am not in love with; I've considered frogging it to knit Pdp. Now I'm really leaning that way.


That video is great!!! Thanks for posting it. Made me chuckle!

Mr. Puffy

OMG I loved that video!!! I must have been napping because I was totally unaware of this brouhaha. Proof once again that knitters are both a force to recon.... and the most generous hearted people you'll ever find. PS I just finished up a pair of socks so you're falling behind. LOL

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