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Oh my. That yarn looks so amazing! My housemate has been asking for a hat, and their favourite colour is orange, so a nice ribbed hat in that saffron is probably what I'd go for!
Fingers crossed I'll be able to make that a reality, rather than just the idea that's been floating around in my head! :P


Oh I love Mountain Meadow! That pink would be perfect for some mittens I've been eyeing.


What a generous offer! I was happy to hear that you think this yarn would work well with cables as I just chose cabling as my "new-to-you" skill for a KAL I'm working on and I have become a fan. I'd like to work this yarn into a hat with cables (I'm off to Ravelry to start looking through patterns for inspiration.)

Happy Sunday!

John Sunday

I really don't know what I would do but I am thinking in a cowl too for my nephew!
Great blog!


Yay ! Yarn review :)
That yarn looks awesome ! I bet it's a lovely cowl to wear.
And oh my, doesn't that video make me want to take a trip to that ranch and mill and all....

I would love to win the saffron yarn and knit me either this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/floralys or this http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/kilkanna hat and have me some sun this winter :)


How pretty! Since the yarn softens up nicely, I would choose the pink for a cowl. Thanks for the chance to win!
Lee (mamagiff on ravelry)

Hannah Roman

The yarn looks beautiful! I would probably make the Golden Autumn hat by Lucy Sweetland with the pink skein. Although sometimes you don't know what yarn wants to be until you're holding it :)

Sharon M2

I would choose the orange skein, to make a hat. I live in the country, and when deer season comes, I'm always a little nervous going for walks . Now I could make that orange hat that's been on my do to list!


Thanks for the introduction to a new yarn. Yay enabling! I'd probably knit my daughter an "everyone's cowl" in pink.


Beautiful yarn Andi. I just listened to the knit.fm podcast on yarn [Pam Allen] so I do get the word 'sproing'.
Such a generous heart you have my dear to host another great giveaway. I love the saffron color and think I would love to knit a cowl since I don't have one, I give them all away.

Julie Barr

Pink! So in love with that pink yarn! I would make a tiny sweater for a friend who is having a baby.


I would have to try http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rikke-hat in the pink. It would be fun to knit!


I loved the idea of a really simple ribbed hat, almost a watch cap style, but in a luscious pink.

I could do with some rustic yarn. Sounds lovely.

Dayana Krawchuk

The color Saffron should be a Podcaster: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/podcaster

Thanks for the generous giveaway!


I would make a cowl with the saffron color.

Amy Mason

I would love the pink, I think maybe a hat? thanks!


How gorgeous! Rustic yarns are definitely my favorite... so sleepy and natural. I love both colors, but the orange is what I would choose because it can be gender neutral and I would make a baby sweater for the babe in my belly :)


I would love to knit a nice squishy cowl out of the saffron colored skein! Yours looks so cozy it's making me think I NEED a butter soft, warm cowl.


What lovely lovely yarn. I would love to knit a cowl for my little niece. She is all about PINK. So that would be my color of choice. She wants to be just like her older brothers but she also has a heart health issue that doesn't seem to stop her in trying to achieve this.


I really, really like the pink and think it would make a beautiful cowl. Thank you so much for this giveaway!


Man oh man that yarn is lovely. I can actually see everything you mentioned in those photos. If I won, I'd use the orange and I'd make a super squishy cowl for sure :)

Sally A

Hi, as a new knitter (just learnt to purl) and only having knit scarves and squares for a blanket before, I would like to try reading a pattern. I would like to try finger less gloves and would love the orange one as it's not a colour I would usually pick.

Fingers crossed. x


This yarn looks lovely. And I really enjoyed the video and hearing the company's mission. If I win, I would probably like the orange. I have to admit, orange is not my color but during hunting season, I worry about wandering through the woods. It'd be nice to keep my head warm and, you know, still connected to my neck. I've been wanting to try the Affectionate hat for a while and this would be the perfect opportunity.

Thanks Andi and Mountain Meadow Wool for the chance. :)


hi andi! lovely yarn~ when i finish with my stash ( i promised myself no new yarn until i use "some" of what i have ) i would love to order some of that gray! if i won, i would be happy with either color and i would make mittens~
hope you're having a great weekend! we recieved a few more inches of snow last night and temps to only reach the teens all this coming week....i'm spending the day looking for vacation rentals in south carolina.... :)



I've been wanting to knit a bright, cabled hat with a huge pom pom for a while now, and I think that orange would do the trick!

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