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Ok the double knot seriously made me go "Woah". How have I not known that before now? Thanks for sharing Andi! I wish I had some tips to share, but I am drawing a blank right now...


So many fun links. I missed them on the Raverly thread. I like Jane's knot. I usually use animal fibers so spit splicing usually works for me. I never use slip knots. I am such a rebel. When I'm working a project that has ribbing I use a combo of the long tail / German twist. I use long tail for where the pattern will call for knit stitches and German twist for where there will be purl stitches. I also start with the sling shot method instead of a slip knot when I'd doing long tail or German twist. I can be so fussy sometimes :)


That double knot has changed my life! Well maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it's so easy and works so perfectly! I'm going to have to practice that german cast-on today.

And the candy totally counts as healthy food when almonds are involved. ; )


the twisted german co is hands down my fave!


I like the double knot technique. I use it all the time unless the fibers are strong enough to hold the knot. I would recommend the jogless jog for striping in the round. I had posted a photo tutorial for that.


How sweet you are to share so many new techniques. I really must try the Twisted German Cast on, it looks fantastic.

I ate way too much candy, wheat, dairy over the holidays so for me it's only fruit and vegetables for awhile. Thank goodness I have a cold because nothing taste good right now. ;)


I use that german cast on for anything that I think might need stretch. It's perfect for starting shawls since it blocks out nicely and I often use it for cuff-down socks, especially if the stitch pattern doesn't have much innate stretch to it.

And almonds are really good for you.


Wow, I didn't know about the double knot! I will definitely give that a try. Thanks for the tips.
I'm with you on the DPN's. I've tried a lot of other techniques but still highly prefer 5" DPN's, two sets, knitting TAAT, with two balls of yarn. I still finish both socks at about the same time but they are not attached to each other. Happy football - glad we aren't going to be in Green Bay today.


Hi Andi....thanks so much for sharing these wonderful tips and tricks when knitting. I am a new beginner in knitting and I love all these ideas which I am sure I will use soon. Thanks again....Shari @ thestitchpattern.blogspot.com.....a new follower!


Thanks for the great tips!


I use Jane's method regularly now and love it. As for different cast ons, I love learning new ones, too. It keeps my knitting fresh!


I think you will like the german twisted cast on. I use it for all my socks that are knit cuff down. I am one of those knitters too, that like my dpns. I have tried other methods and they just don't stick. I love the idea of knitting two at a time but I just don't have the patience for it, i am very envious of those knitters who only knit that way because I can see how that prevents the dreaded second sock syndrome...


hi andi~ your new background is adorable! love the tips page on the kal, can't wait to give the knot tip a try~
hope you're having a great weekend~ we are waiting on 5-8 inches of snow with temps -15. perfect knitting days!




Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were filled with love and laughter.
Thanks for sharing these great tips.

Amanda Keeys

Umm of course it counts as healthy - almonds are very healthy ;)
I'm a bit the same... I get "stuck" in my favourite ways of doing things (and patterns too, I will even knit the same flipping pattern 20 times over sometimes!). It's good to be challenged and expand my skill set though I will check out those tuts!


i had seen that double knot join somewhere a while ago….and of course, forgot about it when I needed to use it. THanks for the reminder----I wonder if this is the knot that you often come across in big skeins of yarn occasionally……I was 'taught' to either cut a knot out or unknot it, but being a lazy knitter I usually don't---and was always amazed at how invisible and unobtrusive it was. I AM going to remember this-----and I AM going to use it! :)


Love learning new cast ons and cast offs from the book I bought last year. Almonds are healthy no matter if they are laden with a crunchy candy coating....promise!


I'm thrilled with that double knot technique. I am knitting a poncho that is basically a big rectangle, and I love the idea of not having to weave in those ends when I'm finished. I'm also really appreciating the other tips. I can't wait to try them all.

I am a total stick in the mud when it comes to socks. Top down, one at a time on DPNs is my way, and I'm not really interested in expanding my horizons, lol.



No tips from me- too new of a knitter to tip anyone! However, I LOVE knitting socks and like you, I am a dpn girl all the way. Tried with the circulars and it resulted in tears, cursing and gnashing of the teeth!

Caffeine Girl

Techknitter has the most foolproof method for the dreaded Kitchner stitch: http://techknitting.blogspot.com/2007/05/easier-way-to-kitchener-stitch-also.html

Diane Head, NZ

Thank you so much for these tips - I will come back to them when I start my next project, but love the double knot joining.

My grandmother taught me to knit (60 years ago) by the Norbury method - holding the right hand needle under my arm, which frees up my hand to "throw" the wool around the needle. It helps hold the weight of the knitting, and keeps the knitting much higher. I do have trouble using circulars on large projects because of this.

We can always learn new and better ways of doing things!

Diane Head, NZ

Another wonderful tip I read on a blog some time ago - to avoid twisting the cast-on row when joining for circular knitting, knit back and forwards 2 rows, then join. So much easier.

Donna @Allthingsming

Thanks for the tips and tricks...I will definitely give them a go... I tend to stick with tried and true. Though to me there is just something so gratifying about using DPN's. I feel like I am conquering something!


My top knitting tip is one I have just discovered. Do not attempt to knit anything if you are painting your house. You use the same set of muscles with a paint brush and knitting needles, albeit in a much grosser way. After a day of painting weatherboards, I was looking forward to relaxing with my knitting. I found I couldn't even make a fist! Knitters beware of house painting.

Annie @ knitsofacto

I'd have voted for the twisted German cast on too! But my best advice to anyone trying it is you really do need a very long yarn end.

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