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It is always fun to see what new sock yarn you have. It'd be interesting to hear what goes through a dyer's mind. The puppy hat is a smile. Is your sister a professional photographer or does she just take a lot of pics of her kids?


puppy definitely made me smile!!! and that yarn....yummy. (no fair, waving that at us and not telling what it will be!!! I'll be checking back....I know it's going to be something special!!!)

(Thanks for the kind words about the blanket!)


oh sigh.... I found a beautiful pattern and I already had the kit in my cart before i realized I'm not supposed to buy yarn this year... sigh...


The yarn in your top photo is stunning Andi, too bad I can't reach into the screen and touch it.

Once again you have given me some great links to click on. I have seen Steph's blanket and think it is a work of art.

Have a restful Sunday.

Dayana Knits

What an awesome mention, thank you my dear!


Hope you're having a wonderfully rejuvenating Sunday.


Posting a day early is fine by me!

Your socks are looking gorgeous. I am especially enamoured of that apple colourway... And that rich pecan-looking yarn in the top photo. Hmm, seems your knitting is making me hungry! haha.


Thank you for such sweet words Andi .. and loving these extra links you're showing us.
Happy weekend xox


Haha I think the puppy hat is super cute - it's always nice to change up your projects. And the socks are as always beautiful, Fugi apples indeed. Have a good week Andi :)


I like the fuji apple socks, its a really nice colour way! The puppy hat is too cute! too!


Those Fuji Apple socks are knitting up beautifully! I don't know if I would have chosen the yarn while it was skeined.... but now seeing it as a sock. Be still my heart.


Get up and dance I need to do, some days I just feel get up and lay down again lol, still working on that second sock.... Love all your knits!


There's nothing I don't love in this post. That is to say: I love it ALL


That chocolate brown yarn you're using?...Yes, it is so lush & amazing ~ it almost looks edible! YUM!


Such great links! And that brown yarn! So curious to see what it is working itself into.

I love The Black Keys. One of my favorite bands to listen to when I need to get stuff done---it's hard not move when you hear their music. I just learned that Ray LaMontagne is releasing a new album in May and Dan Auerbach was involved. So excited!


I just ordered that colorway from Lynai!! I also chatted with her about a coordinating color to make a shawl.

Great taste, lady!! What will you knit with it?


how sweet is that little hat! (lucky sister) i love the apple yarn! i always look forward to your links and you did not disappoint~ so much fun to find new blogs & see all the creativity! hope this week has slowed a bit to allow for knitting and such~


Annie @ knitsofacto

These posts are always such a treat, lush yarn and fab links ... off to follow them :)


Oh beautiful and cozy cardi- perfect for the blizzard conditions we are having. The etsy shop...swoon- must haves. Thanks for the link.
Have a great weekend.


Ahh...i love the color of that mystery yarn and that you for all the lovely links!! My blog list grows and grows because of you ...however i must get off the computer as there is sock knitting to be done;-)

Sarah Butterworth

I have just started knitting and although I'm not too good at it yet, it's blog like these that inspire me. I am aspiring to the advanced classes using four needles! Yikes... it may take a while;) The secret yarn is gorgeous.

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