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What a charming video! Your new sock's colors remind me of red daisies on a sunny afternoon, a perfect color combination to combat the dreary weather. If I'm looking for some calm, I simply hide away in my room for an hour or two to do some crochet/knitting and read blogs. Sometimes, when it's cold out, I wrap myself up in a blanket and sip coffee.


Lovely colourful yarn, the new socks are going to be pretty! Just like the new stripy ones. Happy Sunday Andi!


love the sparkles in your new socks. you can never have too much pink or sparkle.

can't wait to see the fuji apple knit up more. love the contrast of the yellow-green with the deep red.


This sounds like a really great weekend. I really like your new sock color, it's fun! And love your striped socks :)


Glad you've found refuge in your beautiful socks from the week! Cheers for a peaceful weekend.


There is some awesomeness abundance in this post! Sending good vibes and wishes -- for many more calm hours and gorgeous socks. Xoxo


I say it every time - you always have lovely socks. And lovely posts. What a great way to spend your Saturday. I hope I get a chance to do similar in the near future :)


I love the stripes!!! You knit them quite quickly !!I am almost there on mine...Not loving the needles I am using though. Which are you using in the picture above??? I am using Addi sock and i am constantly dropping stitches and i usually love Addi needles too.


Great, great socks Andi.
For slow and calm I head out to the shore or woods, either one calms my soul.


Hello friend! Thanks for sharing the colors in your life. I have been mostly only dreaming about knitting these days instead of actually doing it. Your pretty socks are a great way to get some vicarious knitting in. :)


Lovely pink socks. I can't wait to see the "wild" ones knit up some more. Black and grey make a great backdrop for all of your knits. The noises never stop. I have learned to knit and block out everything else even for just a little bit.


Slow and calm sounds just the thing. I like to spin on a hand spindle for calm. No stitches to count or rows to measure. My hands know what to do and my mind just follows along. How lovely to have something tangible to show for our slow calm times.


Those self striping socks are just so lovely.


Love your socks as always, still working on my sock lol
Neat little video ☺


I love those new socks! Beautiful!

Caffeine Girl

Calm for me is simple knitting a Netflix. Or a very good book.


hmmm, candy for a meal? sounds good to me! Great sock colorway in the first photo--but then I do like all your colorways these days...


I love your new sock yarn that your friend gave you. Can you share the name and colorway of that yarn - I need to have it if it's available. Also, I love your blog and log on every day to see if there is somehting new!


that sounds like a lovely weekend. i love knitting while watching something on netflix, i need the noise as background noise to help quiet my mind :)

Sheree Ervin

I love your pink, white and black stripe socks! I don't suppose there is a basic pattern that you can refer to? I'd love to do a pair myself, but am not really all that capable of doing this without a pattern.


i had to giggle…..i'm usually in black and grey as well, but socks!!!! The louder the better!!! Love the ones you have on the needle!!!

Annie @ knitsofacto

I have no idea what a Fish Lips Kiss Heel is, but it sounds wonderful. And those colours are awesome. Love the thought of those socks hidden under workaday grey clothes :)

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