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Oh Andi - I do love the your first knit so- the warm tones I am a sucker for pink.
Beautiful in the midst of cold grey winter days.
Happy Sunday :)


Can you reveal yet what shawl pattern and yarn you are using for that beautiful pink first picture? I love it!


So many fun projects!


Love the color of those socks! One day I'm going to learn how to make them.... I keep saying that, but I really want to. I've turned into a cowl knitting fool these past couple of weeks! My hands are hurting from too much knitting!

Linda in VA


ooh, that pink shawl looks super sweet! and the video is pure perfection.


Ooh lovely. I most definitely agree, it's essential to have something grey and soothing on the needles. I have right now!
Happy knitting Andi, your wips look lovely x


Beautiful knits as always Andi. I have a special fondness for pink and seeing all your pretty pink has me thinking I need to cast on something in that color too. I just picked up some alpaca in '50's pink' that is calling to me.


I love those pink stripey socks!


I am loving your house wrap. It is perfect for brainless knitting.


What fun sock yarn you have there Andi, all those pops of pink are enough to make anyone cheerful. I think I need to do some casting on sooner or later, I have been mostly crocheting this past month and have been missing my knitting clickety clakety knitting needles x have a fabulous week ahead and thanks always for your ever inspiring posts x Penny


Aren't you the busy little knitter this week? I hadn't heard of this shawl pattern, it's so pretty. Would be great for the crazy socks skeins I hoard.

The Ravelry group has sock fever?! Hopefully no cure is in sight! :)


Great pink projects. I especially like that first colorway. I love grey. The shawl is coming out wonderfully.
I haven't had a knitting fever of late. I should get moving on my latest beanie but have been hooked on anime this weekend.


Andi, you always write the best posts and knit the best socks. Those pink and black stripes are just to die for. :) I have my socks on the needles, but they are stalled right now (and not even by KAL projects!). Sad day for me :(


ABSOLUTE sucker for pink!

for someone who had a tantrum as a child because she refused to wear pink, things sure have changed.


Ah, just seeing your knits is calming. My sock project lies neglected for I am in deep, passionate love with a lace cardigan I am knitting. I have eyes for no one else. It carries me through the pain of tired hot children in a tired hot house. Enjoy your delightful projects.


Love your projects ! And that skein.. doesn't that look promising ?
Personally, I'd like to cast on way more than what I have time for, so I'm gonna have to make some hard choices, hahaha..
Like to have somethings small, like a sock, and something big going on, so I can alternate..


love the new yarn you showed - what is it? and it's self-striping, right?

ps - a pic of the House wrap! yay!

Caffeine Girl

I could not agree more about always having a soothing project on the needles. Lately, mine has been baby blankets made from mitered squares.

Did you know that Knitting Sarah is doing a sock year? She's a knittingsarah.com.

As for me, I always have socks on the needles!


Sock fever, it must be the weather or something! I love the pink stipe socks!


I would love to know the yarn you are using for the house shawl. Its to die for!


I have sock yarn envy! that is a gorgeous colorway!!


Those pink striped socks are exactly the color of a coconut candy we used to eat as kids. I forget what they are called but you can still find them at the Cracker Barrel.
Yummy candy. Yummy socks!


Got.to.get.another.sock.on.the.needles! : )


love love love!! cannot wait to see that skein knit up, it is amazing! and there is one of the bags!! :):)


So much pretty knitting!

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