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Ho'omaka'i on being featured. You are always eloquent and truthful. Those little butterfly stitch markers are darling. I love v seeing your projects in every post. They are enticing and lovely. I adore you. Have a wonderful Sunday.


I love your knitting style! I used to be a one project at a time girl, but you inspired me to get more things on my needles at once and I love having options to work on :) Even if some of them are taking a long nap. I'll pick them up again some day.


I love the journey part of knitting. It's funny, though, because even though I usually cast on with the final object/garment in mind once it's on my needles I stop worrying so much about when it will get done. But I do bounce around. Sometimes I'll just zero in on something and bang it out (like a pair of socks).

Like you, I think my knitting is a mirror to my work life. When work is ticking along well, my knits are all over the place; when work is stressful or less easy, I focus on one project.

How lucky we are to have such a productive outlet! Your WIPs are beautiful.


I do the same thing! If I work on one thing at a time I lose my momentum. Then I can switch around between projects. I get way more finished objects out that way, lol.


me, too....it's all about the journey. The end (of a project, a trip, a fabulous meal...whatever)...is often sort of bittersweet. I try to enjoy every crazy minute of the process!! hope you are having a good weekend!!!


How wonderful to feel so free in your knitting. I start to get a little fidgety if I have too many projects that need my attention, more than four and I can't breathe ;)


Your answers made me think more about my own. It's hard to say if I like the journey or the FO. I try really hard to stick with one project until the end, but sometimes it's just too tedious. I think I mainly knit to relax and have something to do with my hands, plus its an easy way to be productive and lazy at the same time.

Dayana Krawchuk

I confess to having WIP guilt. Actually like with books... I knit like I read, I think! I can't stand having too many books lying around, unfinished. (I'm working on a blog post with my knitting vs. reading theory, lol).

Beautiful work, beautiful yarn.


Being brand new to knitting, I don't know that I've explored what style of knitter I am yet. So far, I'm finishing one project at a time, but that's more a function of learning and getting it done. I love the finished product and get so excited as I'm nearing bind off. But I'm also so excited to start new ones that I can barely contain myself to 'not' start one while working on the current one. I love what she said about books -- I feel exactly that way too

Caffeine Girl

It is so nice to hear from another knitter who has many WIPs. I admit that I am a little embarrassed about the many unfinished projects I have. But then, life is too short for regrets over such little things!


I think I'm a bit of both, I love the journey and I like the finished project. Both are thrilling! I'm thinking of casting on something new, just because I can!


I'm actually a little jealous of those who can have lots of WIPs. Once I go over 3, I have a hard time knitting any of them! I think it's because there are too many choices.


I love your 3 questions interview!! What a fun series that is!
And that black lace knit is to die for!

Annie @ knitsofacto

Me too, me too ... the journey is all. I have a friend who just doesn't get this, in fact almost seems offended by it, but I frog just as much as I finish, why not if it's not working for me?!

Loved the interview at Liesl's :)


What a lovely interview. I especially enjoyed my mental picture of the tom-boy you with a pink bike! Too precious.

As for knitting, I think everyone who knows me knows it's a journey for me. I used to feel badly about not having enough F.O.s to prove that I really could knit but I'm getting over that now. Once I get the technique down, I want to move on to something else. I used to be very monogamous project wise, but am now finding great pleasure and less stress in cheating. The WIP variety keeps me interested.


Thank you so much for letting me toss those questions at you! You are definitely a woman I'd love to chat with over tea and knitting needles. :)

(And I'm a journey knitter who likes variety, too. But when it comes to color choice, I almost always chose gray because I know I love gray and it's familiar. Maybe I should take a queue from that and break out of the familiar a little more. ;) )


reading that post about you
at Liesl's blog!: )

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