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Thanks for the nuce music, I did't know that one. Good sond to start the Sunday.


My body has been tired too. In my case, I think it is eager for the long winter to end, and wants some nice weather so we can spend time outside, or at least with fresh air and sunshine coming in through the windows. The time change is still making it hard for me to get up in the morning. It's amazing how much one hour can make a difference.

I have much knitting calling me, and I'm trying to finish a shawl for my niece without being distracted too much by other projects. Then I need to decide which shawl to start for myself. :-)

I'm hoping for a lazy Sunday here, since it's cold again for a few days. At least the expected snow decided to track to the south, so we'll miss it.


Hello Andy! I missed your blog a lot. My healthy menu of the day is juice. And green tea as well. Happy Sunday to you too!


lovely knits. they seem to be those soothing kind that result in a big wooly hug!!! love them both. (thanks for introducing me to the Decemberists)


Perfect Sunday! Your knitting looks so beautiful!


I am sitting here drinking a cup of black tea with honey and almond milk; I need to increase my green tea drinking too so thanks for the reminder. I seem to drink darker teas in the winter, but soon the summer heat will have me craving something lighter.

Socks are all I can think about on the knitting front and I cast on another pair Friday. If I'm going to reach 100 pairs I have to keep busy.

Norah Jones is filling the air as I type, gosh she can sing!

Have a happy Sunday.


I love getting a little reminder from my tea. My favorite is Vanilla /Hazelnut...you are brave drinking green tea, mine always tastes like liquid trout, maybe I haven't a good brand yet?
Lovely images of your yarn and knits- I admire how your photos are so clean. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your tea and knitting and lets all hope we can make to the next weekend(same statement here too).
Thank you too Andi for your little reminder, it meant a lot to me reading- made me ponder some more :)


Your tea is very wise. I really and truly believe everyone reaches a point in their lives where they cannot learn much more on a subject except to teach. I am sure many people have found this with knitting, but I especially feel it when I teach martial arts. I've been practicing for the better part of ten years and you do reach a point where you cannot absorb anymore. By teaching new people who come into the dojo, it forces me to go over my basics again and answer questions. Things you may not have thought about before. Aaaaaand that is my five cents of the day.
I love the blues in your wrap, it's going to be very nice when you finish it!


Your knits look so pretty. I'm trying to get some things off my needles before I cast on anything new. It is so hard!


Thanks to this post, I am going to break out my matcha this morning :)


I think by now you know I love tea as much as you. This week I ordered a charming little set in addition to some white teas for the spring and summer months. I can't wait to get that in the mail.

This week has been tough for many of us. Some changes have been swift, sudden and painful, for others (like myself)change has been revealing. I'm really grateful that despite distance from each other, we can still support, encourage, and bear each other up when our souls need recharging. Happy Sunday to you Andi. Here's to a restful Sunday.


Generally, I would just skip over the video, but something this afternoon made me open it. Thank you! Wonderful music. Has me wanting/looking for more. Made me feel better about the weekend ending.


Good point about the green tea, I probably need to do more of the green. Definitely listening to my body, it is very loud after beginning internal running yesterday. I believe I definitely have a body today!


I wish some of my problems could be solved with tea! I'm going gluten free for the next month to see what happens. Hopefully I'll be super energetic because of it.

I do quite like the colors of your house wrap. It's quite attractive.


Thanks for the receipe, I try to cook healthy while breastfeeding! Your WIPs look nice! I like the colors :)


What a lovely quote from your tea. I like green tea a lot also, but lately I have been drinking a lot of white tea. I wonder if there are any health benefits there.
Lovely projects as well Andi, and the patterns look so easy. I just faved them both! Happy Sunday to you :)


I like the comforting feel of your knitting projects. The slated recipe looks tasty.
I do try to listen to my body. I phew my limits. Sometimes it's ignored as obligations have to come first.


I adore the decemberists.

They do have instant uplifting powers

Amanda Keeys

Not odd to read about tea while sipping tea - probably encouraged? haha. I find sipping tea to be really relaxing, especially when weeks are long and tough. I especially like green tea but too often I find myself drinking yet more coffee rather than being healthy and drinking green tea...

Love that yarn + colour on the secret test shawl you are making. And sometimes any progress, no matter how small, is good progress right? :)


Thanks for the recipe. If winter ever ends here we will have lots of fresh asparagus and I'm always looking for new ways to use it. So hurry up Winter and end!! :-)


Very mellow post, happy Sunday.


with both kids home this past weekend my knitting was sporadic and I missed it but you know what, it's always there and my kids are not so I'm just waiting for the visiting to be over. I always love your knitting photos, and of course the tea messages!


How awesome is her note in the pattern?

"Caution: Only knit this up if you find wrapping endless stitches a relaxing experience!!!"

Sounds like you are really checking back in with yourself and regrouping and finding that balance. Incredibly healthy and smart. Sharing it here is a good reminder to us all. I'm definitely feeling the strain right now and hoping to "catch up" by the end of the month. Some physical and mental rejuvenation, ya' know?


ummm, a visit with you is the most wonderful way to start the day. yay decemberists!

Mr. Puffy

Sounds like a lovely quiet weekend - those are the best! I enjoy drinking oolongs and if you enjoy a savory/grassy flavor you might enjoy that style of green tea. But buy in loose - the teabags are not the way to go with that style. Congratulations on your anniversary!

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