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Congratulations to the winner! My girl is waking up... gotta go! Your Ireland sock do look good!


Congrats to the winner. What a lovely comment! I bet you do have a dresser full of socks. I had a terrible cold this week and I drank the green tea you sent me and I felt a million times better! Thank you for that!!!


Those Ireland Socks are awesome - I love the colours :)
Loving the song too... perfect for a lazy afternoon!


I am all for finishing up WIPs! I find that a great weight is lifted off of me when I don't have WIPs eyeing me. Sometimes I hear them at night: "Finish me...." They are quite persuasive.

I do quite love your Ireland socks. I looked to see if I could get my hands on any of the yarn, but it isn't looking good. Why is it that I desire holiday yarns AFTER the holiday has passed?!

Also, I second Joyce on wanting to see your sock drawer. It must be magnificent.


Ohhh--I love your blue yarn--it looks a bit like the yarn I used in the shawl I am featuring in my blog post today. I am kind of dinking around with some wips--I am not feeling a lot of love for either of them but I am biding time until Thursday when Michele from Knit Purl Hunter releases the first clue in her new shawl mkal! The yarn I purchased for it is sitting here taunting me. :) Have a wonderful week!


Congratulations to the winner- what a lovely give away!!!
Really fun Irish socks- I bet you will be vary happy in them.
Beautiful song for a Sunday.

..and yes, I agree with Joyce- your blog is wonderful and I enjoy reading and getting inspired.


I just love that sock yarn.

I am trying valiantly not to start more projects until I finish a couple. I want to start a sweater, so I am trying to earn it by finishing some projects.

Lucky Joyce. Congratulations!


I am going gaga over that blue! It is so rich and lovely!


i just realized that the heel doesn't interrupt the colors on the top of the sock. did you do that on purpose or were you just really lucky? it kinda looks like you got lucky but it's hard to believe you got *that* lucky!


Loving those Ireland socks - what yarn is that?


👍 Fun sock yarn. Has an old school vibe.


congrats, winner!!!! loving those irish socks!!!!!


Oh your socks, I love them. I think I told you I want to knit a 100 pairs of socks before I die so I am all about anything sock at this time.
Have a lovely week.


Oh I love those Ireland socks! I'm not sure I saw those before.. they are super fun!!

I keep seeing those knitted plates and mugs...I really must find one because they are so cute!

Happy week to you, Andi! xx


Just caught up on your wonderful knitting again Andi and congrats to the winner too. Been away for 3wks in nz xo


nothing finished in this house either but soon. Love the socks, they would make me smile as well!!


Yes! Please send another 4-5 days of weekend instead of week this week. :)

It's always so fun to visit with you and see what else you are working on!


Those Ireland socks are wonderful.


Lovely gifts, the one received and the one going to the winner. Lovely song! After a month in Brazil I am now back and of course missed your blog! Wishing you a wonderful day Andi.


Wonderful gifts! socks and shawls on my needles as well! Ii am loving the blue color. Congratulations to Joyce...enjoy the yarn!

Love, Yesterdays

That yarn would be a pleasure to work with on grey days!
I follow your blog and nominated you for a blog award! You can find the award here: http://loveyesterdays.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/liebster-blogging-award/


OOOH what a lovely post - the socks and the shawl and the gifts are superb.


Congrats to the winner!
Love this song! Thanks for letting me discover this beauty :)


I've just found your fabulous blog and love it. I am a sock and shawl knitter and love tea! Love it!

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