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Mmmmmm chocolate. Spring and chocolate with a good cause, I can't imagine life gets better than that!


That sheet of that bronze yarn is wonderful. It makes the color way rich.
Spring has been sunny with a bit of breeze and cool.


Yesssss, here's to new life and added energy after a long winter. Lovely earthy color on the first image, very pretty. The chocolate is one of my favs from that brand, nothing better than doing good while eating good!
Enjoyed my visit here as always- have a lovely week ahead.


What are those beautiful knits? The colors are perfect!


It is always such a treat to get to hear from you on Sunday. Thanks for sharing my cardigan :)


Spring??? It's not here yet in NJ...we had a taste of it yesterday but it has disappeared once again! The comfort square is looking delish!


oooh I love whatever is on the needles up in that first photo (beautiful photo too). And hooray for the comfort blanket. I'm still slogging away on my mini blanket for the guest room. Got so bored with it that I began making a moebius scarf for my hairdresser and I went and bought some Madeline Tosh lovliness to knit the Nae shawl. :)


Thanks once again Andi for giving me some wonderful clicks in my future. I love that you have a link for darning socks, I just bought a darning egg!


Thanks for the shout out Andi and another month of interesting and curious destinations.


Hope your weekend involved all of the above that you've pictured. The chocolate looks absolutely fantastic!


Gorgeous yarn in the first picture! Have a great start of Spring!


love the rich brown of the first project the best! It's been unspringlike here in PA but I'm the patient sort :)


can't wait to see more of your test knit...the yarn is gorgeous!

Thank you for mentioning me and for sharing so many delightful links.

Hope you have a fantastic week with lots of sunshine xx


So much for spring, it's snowing here...
But I love your post as always. I also like the rainforest chocolate, even though I don't buy it often. Have a great week Andi!


I can't wait to see what that test knit is. That yarn is delicious.

Snow in our forecast for tomorrow - just a few inches, thank goodness. Poor New England is going to fare much worse, I think. This winter has been brutal! Let's hope this is the last hurrah.


Hi,there's nothing nicer than finding another
knitting blog....love love love seeing what
other people are up to. Knitting rules.
Cheers, Anita.


beautiful header! love the list of loves~ the pixies mama just brought me a pair of socks with a hole & thanks to your love list & hannahs blog, i think i can fix em'! such fun finding new blogs~ thanks for leading the way~




Thanks for featuring my darning on your Sunday Loves, Andi!


Oh my gosh! Thanks for featuring my little log on your Sunday Loves, Andi! So stoked it led me here.

I'm excited to peruse all this knitting goodness, as well as the darning tutorial, because I have a whole little basket of darning waiting.

Happy Week!


Hurrah for socks!

I had a horrible dream the other day that I didn't have any feet. And the first thought I had was, what am I going to knit now that I can't knit myself socks?


The South did not get the memo about spring. We are still acting like is mid winter. Not very charm. Thanks for spreading the love with the wonderful links. And, that chocolate looks like it belongs in my pantry :-) Me + dark chocolate = besties. Have a wonderful week my friend!

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