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Love that picture of some of your sock WIPs. I don't have as many dpns--otherwise, I would try to learn from you :-). Beautiful pictures, beautiful knitter. Have a wonderful week my friend!


If it makes you feel any better, I have 7 pairs of socks in progress right now.

Caffeine Girl

Do not feel alone! I have at least that many socks on the needles! It's comforting, don't you think?


Yay, they showed up :) I am so glad you like them.
As for socks, I WISH I could say I had that many on my needles, but alas I just have the one pair. Way to go Andi - always over achieving. :P


I had two pair of socks in progress, but I just finished one. :-)

I also have a cardigan and a wrap on the needles. Well, and a tank top that's in time out.

I feel a sudden urge to cast on more socks... ;-)


I had two pairs as well, but just finished one pair on the weekend. Is it too rude to ask what that lovely black, magenta and bone coloured yarn is, it looks amazing?


As usual I love seeing ALL of your sock making.
I only have one pair but I take ages lol


gosh, you beat me in the sock WIP.....think I'll go cast on some!


I have many more on the needles. All in their own bags. At least 7!


Ha! A crazy sock lady. I might not have that many socks on the needles, but I would qualify as a crazy sock yarn lady. Plenty of that is in my possession.


I covet your socks! I'm working on my second pair of socks of the year and am discovering some things about my sock knitting. Namely, I have either become a very loose knitter or I've always been making myself socks in the wrong size. Seriously though, I have a pair of socks on the needles - how can you have so many?? You're not crazy, I'm just jealous that you can knit that quickly!


You're not the only one - every time I show up at my local knit and knatter with a different pair of socks, I get the comment of "What? Socks again?"... obviously they don't know the amazing joys of handknit socks - yet!


I've been doing nothing but socks lately! I am trying to finish off the last two pairs so I can work on something else!!


you can never have too many socks :) lovely photos! Once I get caught up on my mystery Easter knitting, I'm casting on something new :)


I don't think you are the crazy sock lady, you are my sock knitting hero!


I stand in awe of your sock-yarn stash. Seriously! How fun is that picture to see them all lined up!


Yes, knit sometimes happens ;). I am envious of your socks! They are amazing. I can't wait for my markers to come they look so lovely!


All I want to do is knit socks right now, but I'm giving my first lace shawl my full attention. I'm halfway through a beautiful picot bind-off, but who knows how many hours it will take to finish the darn thing. As soon as I'm done, I'm going to cast on a pair of socks for my grandfather :)


Love those sock you're working on! Very colourful. I have a lots of WIPs but just one pair of socks (as you know, I don't do too well with fingering yarn... feels like it takes me ages to finish!) you do inspire me to finish, though ;)

Deb J

I have a pair of STR Rockin Sock Club socks on my needles, a pair of basic socks in some sparkly FiddleKnits yarn for my daughter, a pair of STR heavyweight for Cat Bordhi's Seeds of Winter pattern, and a fourth pair in Lorna's Laces Solemate on the needles! Socks are my favorite and such a great grab and go project.

Brenda in Boston

You are not alone. I think I have 4 pairs of socks on the needles (well 2 pairs are being knit 2-at-a-time on magic loop & the other 2 are singles so a total of 6 socks), 2 cardigans (one just needs the sleeve caps and button band), 2 shawls (one just needs less than 1/2 the edging finished) & 2 pullover sweaters (both almost done- but at a point where I have to do math so they are in time-out).

And STILL I want to start something new. You can never have enough options, in my opinion. :)



I amazingly only have one pair of socks on the needles, because I need to finish (ahem start) some baby knits, but I think you basically just gave me the greenlight to cast on as wantonly as I want. ha! Damn kids! throwing off my sock knitting!;) That picture with all your lovely socks in progress has me twitching! Beautiful and inspiring as usual!


I loved your knitting, I loved your socks, I loved your markers...but I love, love, loved.... that video. I have dpns, I have sock yarn...I have stitch markers... but I don't got no socks... don't like socks...not to wear anyway...I love all your socks... oh and love you too!!!
♥ :} xxx


No socks on the needles for the moment but I will soon cast on. If only I could easily find such amazingly colored sock yarn here in France!


if I had more than one set of sock needles, I'd probably have more socks going! there's so many yarns & patterns I want to try!

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