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Thank you! your space is an oasis and feels like a positive atmosphere-love it! Keep doing what you are doing and lovely people will always visit.

I've been hurt by "friends" that are now estranged and I decide to focus on the positives in my life, letting go of hurts-life is short and I want to be filled with happiness.

Now I'm going to listen to my podcasts and see if it's one of mine that I subscribe to!! :)


I love your post, I wish I could be as fluent in english as in french to express how much this "moves" me. Thank you so much Andi


This is a great blog post. I always try to commit random acts of kindness. Usually something I don't think twice about but I am rewarded with someone's smile or thank you. I enjoy reading your blog.


What a lovely post Andi. I always love reading your blog, you are such a kind person. I bet that's why everyone is so kind in return. Karma is a special thing ;). Happy Sunday!


Both your blog and your Ravelry page are full of such nice people, it always makes me feel good to visit. Thanks for creating such an oasis for us all. :-)


Life is too short to be mean to others.
I loved this post Andi, you are a dear heart and
I am glad you walk on this planet.


A very good reminder as I know I can have a quick temper. I am not innocent that's for sure but I do tend to speak out when I feel the need to defend and keep it real. I have let go of people because I'm tired of the negativity.
You are sunshine to me. I love reading your posts. Like NWA rapid, "Express yourself."


A lovely post and very true how just one wrong word can affect a person soul....but here is such a great place to visit ☺ and I thank all of those who visit me xo


I love a great feel-good post. As I was reading this, my cat was sitting on a chair beside me making soulful eyes at me. I could almost hear the mental message, "It would be considered an act of kindness to pet me."


What a thoughtful post. I think I would add that you shouldn't beat yourself up if you inadvertently upset someone. We are all human, and fallible, and it is also human to forgive. It's lovely to hear words from a person who tries hard to be nice. There are so many in this world who are not.


What a warming blog post. I'm sick today and this is all I needed! :-) Thank you, Andi. Great movie too!


How sweet! Thank you for all your kindnesses


Wow, what a generous, genuine post. You are a gift to blogs Andi. A post to generate warmth and connection. Cheers to you and your lovely bunch of readers.


it's been my experience that kindness breeds kindness….and you seem to be one of the kindest, most generous of folks! i feel lucky to have stumbled into your little corner of blogland and you've made me better for it! thank you!


Oh, Andi! This post resonates with me. I try to live each day with kindness, and it's hard sometimes, but really I benefit even more than others when I'm kind. I feel terrible when I'm negative! Thanks for the reminder to be aware of my own words and actions.


A beautiful post, Andi. I've been thinking about the kindness thing too, the way words can cut when not carefully chosen. I think you've summed it up quite nicely!


As usual, beautifully spoken, Andi. A little kindness (a smile, allowing someone to go before you, a hug) makes the world of difference. xo


you are such a warm and thoughtful person. What a beautiful post. If only I had thought to do something so lovely. And the video brought tears to my eyes. whew.

Dayana Krawchuk

I am used to seeing yarn pics first and then there were tomatoes! And now we need a colorway just for that bowl of tomatoes. :)


Words can be very painful and unfortunately too many people don't care to be careful. I am sure we have all been hurt by words too many times. You are great for posting this and you always have the nicest words yourself.


I agree that when you say something negative, it leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. So let me take an opportunity to say that I look forward to seeing each and every one of your blog posts. The photos are lovely and I've discovered new and now favorite things through you. And that every time you've highlighted one of my posts, I feel extra warm and fuzzy inside.


Its always a pleasure to come here and visit with you. Big hugs to you my dear friend. Hope you are well xxx


How true! Words spoken in anger can't be easily taken back. It's always a good thing to take a small moment and think before you speak. The world can use more kindness and less meanness, I think.


Such a lovely heartwarming sentiment Andi x.

So many times an unkind word is uttered without thought. We live in such a different world to that of years gone by. People seem very selfish or is it just the pace of life that makes everybody short tempered or self absorbed?

I always try to show kindness in my words and deeds. I like to think that if I have to say something negative, it's done in a nice way and with no malice intended.

Neveen Jacklin

Wow that actually brought tears to my eyes their are truly some kind people left we all just need to look and learn thank you

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